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  • Jeff Pierson II - DISCONTINUED!!!I really wanted the "Busy Office Page-a-Day and Notepad 2013 Calendar" and so did everyone in my office...

    I hope the publisher brings it back!!!
  • I. Jefferson "worm" - Awesome Product!I'm soooo relieved that I found this product! I happened across the video on aol where the item had been featured on The Doctors t.v. show. I've always had problems with odor and recurring B.V. and I never knew how to manage it...precription medicine has never worked!

    Recently I'd been doing more research about how to address the root of the problem which is bad bacteria weighing out the good bacteria and your V's inability to fight it properly. That search led me to the discovery of hydrogen peroxide douche, which had been working really well. Hydrogen P. promotes healthy bacteria while raising the body's PH level high enough to kill of bad bacteria. HOWEVER, I was aware that douching wasn't good because it pushes the bacteria into the cervix which can lead to PID and other complications. That is when I discovered Waterworks which is a reverse douching system. Instead of forcing the water upward it flows downwards and when you combine that will the quality grade stainless steel, then you have a wonderful product!

    It has been working SO well that I haven't had the need to use the peroxide at all! :) I'm currently 4 days into using the product and it worked immediately on day one!

    I am now able to reclaim my life. The embarrassment that I've suffered for the past 10 years is finally gone. I feel comfortable going to the gym (and stretching) and most importantly having a healthy intimate relationship with my husband. This product is a VeJayJay savior! :)