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  • i have more game then the author of this book - book is trashI'M no pro when it comes to meeting woman but I'm no slouch either...this book is straight repetitive trash...why anyone would need a book with 379 pages and 14 chapters of so called improving your self image is beyond me. this does not teach newbies how to pick up woman. the first half of the book is about style, grooming,understanding woman,and adjusting your dont need a book to tell you you have to look your best when meeting woman...the book is supposed to be telling you HOW TO TALK TO WOMAN. the other half of the pick only gives three examples of openers WACK OPENERS! AND IT DOESNT EVEN TEACH YOU HOW TO ADAPT ACCORDINGLY EITHER. you wont come to openers untill page 209!!...example opener " I JUST HAD TO COME OVER AND SAY THAT YOU GUYS HAVE REALLY GOOD ENERGY TOGETHER, YOU MUST BE SISTERS-HOW DO YOU KNOW EACH OTHER"<------ honestly would you use this garbage on a woman you just met she'll think your a freakin weirdo if you come out of the blue with this crazy mumbo jumbo.....the rest of the book afterwards is just repeating the first half..YOU DONT NEED TO KNOW WHERE WOMAN HANGOUT..THATS STUPID...WOMAN ARE EVERYWHERE YOU DONT NEED A BOOK TO TELL YOU WHERE TO FIND WOMAN. if your looking to improve your game i suggest that if you see a woman you want to talk to....simply introduce yourself and adjust to the situation games no gimmicks no lame openers and if a woman thiks your lame or too much of a "nice guy" for that...then you and your penis need not waste anytime talking to such a superficial person...i gave the book five stars so people could read the review bad reviews arent read much
  • Luca Tommasino - Purchased three in the family. An absolute joy.We have purchased now three Samsung Tab2 tablets 10 inches based on the users reviews and are extremely happy with the product. The Samsung Tab2 performs extremely well in all aspects. The colours and sound are vivid, the speed adequate, the wifi is powerful and reliable and the screen, very responsive without any problems. The battery lasts lot of days (I personally use it an average of two to four hours per day) and charges very fast. We have not found no problems whatsoever with any of the three devices and are fully enjoying them.