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  • A. Win - A Pleasant Read Transporting You to England!Loved this newest book from Susan Branch--made me smile, laugh and cry! Susan's storytelling (even if it is for real) just makes me happy; I did not want this book to end! I have been to London, Bath and Stonehenge but The Lake District and Beatrix Potter's house and going via ocean liner has long been on my bucket list, I am now planning to save for this "dream" vacation. I enjoyed "A Fine Romance" tremendously; very much appreciate her insight and suggestions on where to go, eat, stay, etc. the gingerbread cottage was adorable! I highly recommend this book.
  • Luca Tommasino - Purchased three in the family. An absolute joy.We have purchased now three Samsung Tab2 tablets 10 inches based on the users reviews and are extremely happy with the product. The Samsung Tab2 performs extremely well in all aspects. The colours and sound are vivid, the speed adequate, the wifi is powerful and reliable and the screen, very responsive without any problems. The battery lasts lot of days (I personally use it an average of two to four hours per day) and charges very fast. We have not found no problems whatsoever with any of the three devices and are fully enjoying them.
  • Lynnie "blessed by books" - Convenience!This brewer is so convenient to use. In the morning when we are rushed we can make a hot drink in about two minutes by quickly pouring water to the desired level in the top, placing the selected drink container in the machine, and pressing a button. My husband uses it for coffee, and I use it for hot tea and hot chocolate. The bright blue color looks lovely on my dark blue granite.
  • Lawrence L. Shippen "Lawrence L. Shippen - A.... - Very helpful infoThis book is amazing to me. I am not a scientist and I struggled with some of the concepts in the first half, Then I had a dream/vision and the next day I understood the whole thing. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in consciousness, spiritual healing, or quantum physics. It will explain a whole lot, and expand your practice greatly.

    Swami Kntali Murugum Tayumanavar, A.K.A. Lawrence Shippen
  • MICHAEL SULLIVAN - Good software....Good software, I have used Norton/Symatec for years. I would advise people to never pay the full price, there always seems to be deals on line for about 60% - 70% savings. My only complaint is when you have to use tech support it comes from international sources and can make simple cures more difficult due to language barriers.