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  • Kelly A. Tenhoeve "Kelly" - Taxes with easeThis product was great, download was snappy and I did not have a problem at all. The code was right on my amazon account with no issues. Some people may have had problems, I knew where to go in my account to get the code because I've have to get Xbox game downloads or specials from the same place.
  • Sarah Braly "Sarah" - A Noteworthy JourneyWhether or not you believe in the usage of shamanic drugs (hallicinogens) or not as a way to find spiritual answers, this book is a worthwhile journey filled with thought-provoking ideas. Its value lies in the plethora of sources and ideas utilized to form its thesis. Though some of the ideas involving paranormal occurances, visions, etc. seem somewhat out there, they are tempered by the author's ability to present the positives that they hold, while at the same time stepping back to acknoledge the possible insanity of some of the ideas.

    Regardless of whether the more out there aspects of the book appeal to you, the overall message is a positive cry to action - and the book is a motivation to take a look around at our world, to view it in a way that we may not typically, in a way that our modern media deters us from looking at it, to look at it through wisdoms of the past and to take the knowledge that we thus acquire to make this world a better place - to move ourselves and our society forward. And, in my opinion, any book with such a message at this time, is worthwhile and deserves notice.
  • David S. Golden - This Hub works just like it says it doesI just purchased a new Toshiba Kira top of the line laptop w/ Windows 8 pre-installed. The Kira is equipped w/ USB 3.0. It is so much faster than USB 2.0. And this hub is every bit as fast as the actual USB plug in the computer itself. Need I say more? It's also good looking and well made. So I expect good service until USB 4 comes out.
  • Last Republican Standing - Liberals are speed-readers too!Since this book was released today, I am impressed to find that Liberals are capable of speed-reading, because one would not post a review of a book he had not read, would he?

    I have only finished the first chapter (took me three major bookstores to find a copy in my Liberal state---either they are selling out or, dare I say, in the stockroom still in boxes), and Ann is in her usual brilliant form.

    For those of you who "do not get her," may I recommend reading with a dictionary handy?