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  • TLP_Squared - Thank you!Thank you for making my 6 hour flight enjoyable. This book was such a fun and exciting read. It was a recommendation from my sister and I am so glad I purchased it. I was so engrossed in this book the flight attendant yelled at me to turn off my kindle twice before take off.

    I will add that I was slightly disappointed at the ending. But thas ok, you can alway have it your way.
  • Sandra J. Schultz - Skeptic here....LOVE productI had a couple moles on my face that children I work with constantly commented about. Yes....HAD. Big skeptic here didn't have insurance and researched Dermatend to death, read hundreds and hundreds of reviews. So overwhelmingly positive that I decided $40 bucks even if it didn't work was worth a try, rather than cost at doctor without insurance. I honestly didn't expect it to work.

    One mole was the size of a pencil eraser right under my chin and it was gone with two treatments is all....just under two weeks and it is totally flat. No scarring. The one just by my nose? Not quite as large and only one application and it's not quite flat but close. I haven't reapplied that but am prepared to if needed some day. But the difference is amazing. Now it's just a slight raised bump hardly anything at all and I can live with that. Before it was something quite large.

    Overall....I highly recommend trying this product. It was so worth it and I honestly expected it to fail. Yes, it is a very small tube but you just be careful squeezing it out and to have gotten rid of two major moles with it? Well well worth the price. If they grow back? I'll do it again. I do have some skin tags I'm going to use it on but they haven't been the priority these moles were.

    I followed the directions and used the file on the moles then i used hottest water possible on a cloth - holding a cloth on them to open pores. I wanted every chance for this to succeed and it did.

    I have so much more confidence because I don't have these two huge moles on my face that I know everyone is looking at. If it worked on those honkers, try it on yours. Seriously. Not with the company just a very very happy customer who was a HUGE skeptic before.
  • Robert L. Schlessman - The best version of Windows yet!Background info about me - I have 30+ years of experience building, upgrading and maintaining custom systems. I've used every version DOS since 2.0 and of Windows since 3.1 with the exception of Vista.

    All of that said, I eagerly downloaded and installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview version in a dual boot configuration when it became available. After a week I removed it and swore I would never buy or use Windows 8 for numerous reasons. When the final version hit the market I made statements to that effect on a computer magazine forum. I was challenged by another member that I had never really given it a chance and if I would do so I might feel differently. So I accepted the challenge, upgraded my main PC to Windows 8 Pro and began using it for my day to day work. It was glitchy so I backed up my files and did a clean install. The rest, as they say, is history. I had it installed and running in less than a half hour. Reinstalling all of my apps took another couple of hours, but went very smoothly. It boots faster than Windows 7 and the response in my main apps as I use it is very fast. I use MS Office 2010 (64 bit), Logos 5 Bible Research Software, Pinnacle 12 HD video editing and DVD creation software, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and numerous other programs. As you can see I put my system through the grinder on a daily basis. Once I took the time (a couple of hours) to learn some of the keyboard shortcuts and new features that came with the OS my productivity was better than ever. I can do a number of tasks with Windows 8 natively that required a third party app with all previous versions. For example, I can search within all 7400 of my documents for a text string through a simple "Windows key + F" and then type in the string. "Windows key + X" brings up a list of system tools such as Task Manager, Control Panel and Command Prompt to name a few.

    Anything I didn't know how to do, or couldn't figure out, I was able to find in the Windows 8 forums. I located one wonderful sight that listed every Windows 8 keyboard shortcut. Talk about a gold mine!

    I think the complaints about the Start screen are totally unjustified. One key click and it's out of the way. Any application that I started from the Start menu in Windows 7 I can start from the Start Screen. Short cut icons are still available from the desktop and the taskbar just like they were in Windows 7.

    I cannot understand all of the whining about it not being keyboard/mouse friendly. I have found it to be very easy to use with my setup. In fact, I can do many things with fewer clicks and keystrokes than I could with Windows 7. I have not had a single crash since installing it. I do not miss the Start Menu, but to be fair, I never used it much in previous versions.

    My system is not state of the art but it isn't legacy either. I have an Asus P8Z68V-LX motherboard, a Core i5-2500K CPU, 120 gig SATA 3 SSD, 16 gig of RAM, two 500 gig and one 1 terabyte mechanical drives, and an AMD 7750 discrete graphics card. I have three 22" LCD displays, two connected to the AMD card and one connected to the onboard Intel graphics. They look sweet with the panoramic desktop background that is available only with this OS.

    My initial negative reaction to the OS was due to the fact I had installed it as dual-boot without any of my apps available from Windows 8. So I didn't use it in the real world of my home office. After over a month of using it I feel very differently about it.

    In summary, I have found that my productivity is much higher, and I can perform most tasks much faster. Windows 8 boots up and shuts down faster. For me it is easier to use and has many features not available in Windows 7. I am giving it 5 stars.