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  • C. L. OLeary - Finally, soomething to get excited about!This little fairy is so much fun. The charging information has to be followed - battery pack on, fairy off - then both on for flying. The off/on buttons are not clearly marked nor which way to put the charging cord in. I just looked carefully at the directions and will mark it somehow to make it easier for the kids (and myself) or supervise. Mine is working perfectly. Since it is a Christmas gift haven't let the kids try it, but I did get on my knees and I could still work it. I think anyone can work it to an extent, but it is knowing when to grab it to relocate it before it hits a wall that takes some amount of forethought and a little skill. You have to grab it from the side mid-thigh or it wll fly off. I have cathedral ceilings (flat not pitched about 14 feet or so) and I can definitely see the advantage because it does go all the way up there, but hasn't touched the ceilling yet. I have crashed it twice and no harm was done, but if it hits a wall or ceiling the flight is over so a small room, low ceiling may not work. Oh, and you cannot use rechargeable batteries - it takes six double a's.
  • dd - My gastroenterologist recommends thisMy GI doctor says this is the only probiotic that has been medically studied as effective. It works to calm my GI tract.
  • gadgetcollector - even without previous major problems this helped meUnlike many of the other reviews I read here, I really didn't suffer from serious digestive problems. However, occasional bloating and/or constipation annoyed me and I just wanted to not have to ever be uncomfortable or look for alternative clothing choice when I "felt fat." Well, align didn't turn me into a fashion model, but I no longer even think about digestive problems or bloating. I've been taking align for about 6 months and I never deal with digestive disturbances any more, so I would say even if you don't have serious problems, this is a great way to just always stay on a steady track without any problems. I do feel overall better since I began taking this