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  • Barbara Frederick "auntb93" - Another Dan Brown TriumphWell, it's Dan Brown and he's quite a good writer. And this is about Robert Langdon, whom we've come to know and love. Having said all that, this is one amazingly confusing book!<br/><br/>You won't know what's going on, what's real and what's fake, who's on which side, how the sides line up, or even which side you'd be on if you were there. The basic story is about a mad genius who has a rather drastic solution to what he considers (and many others, including myself, tend to agree) to be the world's most pressing problem: overpopulation. Yes, there are way too many people on the planet, but most ideas about how to change that are pretty draconian. But this one has more complexities than a plague rat has fleas.<br/><br/>Langdon wakes up in Florence in a hospital, having lost two days of his memory. He's been injured, but it's not clear that the injury caused the amnesia. It's also not clear . . . well, to be frank, nothing at all is clear. But it's not very many pages before he's on the run, hiding from a variety of bad guys, aided by a lovely and very mysterious doctor-lady, and tracking down clues to a big mystery all having to do with, of course, Dante's Inferno. That's about all I can tell you without giving anything away. Let's just say that nothing, almost literally nothing, is what it seems to be.<br/><br/>This one raises more thorny ethical questions than any of Brown's previous books, and that's saying a lot. I'll be mulling this one over for a very long time.
  • GrahamI - I love this tablet!!! The only way I would give it up is if you pried it from my cold dead hands!!!!I received my tablet on Thursday of last week and since then we have been inseparable. As soon as I received it I pulled it out plugged it into the docking keyboard and attached it to the charger. I turned it on and put in my account info and it immediately found my wifi with no problem and it had full signal anywhere in my four floor house with my router in the basement. I was also able to take it a good distance from my house and the wifi is fine. I went to a local Starbucks and the wifi picked up on their network well also. I did all of this wilh the standard Android Honeycomb 3.2 that came on it before running the update to ICS that I was prompted to install. Notice that I did not even test GPS before running the upgrade because whether GPS works or not is a mute point for me. I use my droid with car dock for GPS if I need it and will not use this for that purpose. Incidentally, the Mapquest app in the market works better with the turn by turn navigation than even the stock navigation. I was prompted to run the system update that brought me up to download and install ICS 4.0 and it works extremely well in all the apps that I have used. My games move well and do not lock up, except for the occasional software bug associated with the app itself. This is a definite buy for anyone who isn't willing to settle for Apple's piece of crap iPad 2 or 3 when it comes out. The speed and performance of this tablet is amazing. For those of you shying away because you know they are coming out with the tf700 model save your money and buy this it works great for me and it will for you too.
  • Meependa - Perfect for my needs!Came to me one day after purchasing, and I chose 2-day shipping at checkout! I'm currently using it as external storage for my laptop that I'll be bringing to college, since my father, with extensive background in software and computer electronics, tells me that storing files such as music or old pictures on a hard drive is a no-no. Slows down the processor, apparently. I had no problems with the plug-and-use USB that came with the hard drive, zip. Once I had the My Computer folder open, it was right there, with its own little icon. I went into the empty drive and deleted out the cloud-uploader application right away. I'm not that big into social media, or instant-uploading (I'm really not that impatient!) and the biggest problem reported by the handful of negative reviews for this project stemmed from that included software slowing down people's computers. USB cable will work with normal black (2.0) or the blue SS-USB (3.0) port that I wasn't even aware my computer had! Transferring speed for about 30 GB of music files, with the blue 3.0 port, averaged 35 MB/second, which is damn impressive!

    My only disappointments with this little gem is the shortness of the included USB cable (a minor thing, since extensions are available at almost any electronics/computer store), and the fact that some of my files did not transfer the first time because the 'destination folder's filename was too long.' Yes, I have many folders within folders within folders, but the fact that a path name could be too long is astounding to me. I was able to transfer those files onto the hard drive after trimming the name or swapping the folders around within their larger folders. Hope this helps people with their purchasing!
  • Kube "SRKuberek" - Forget the bad reviews, game is fixed now. GREAT!Very in depth game. Lots of moving parts to keep track of. Don't listen to the bad reviews from launch. We get it, they had an issue. They've fixed it. Game is very complex but not with dumb stuff like laying sewer/power lines. Game will bring most machines to their limits graphically. Maybe in a couple years I'll have a machine able to run at full levels. Very happy with purchase so far.

    Intel Core i7 2600s 2.8GHz
    8GB RAM
    nvidia Geforce GT 520
  • S. Neely "anarkissed" - It's a FOOD PRODUCT, essentially...When Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show and argued that pepper spray "is a food product, essentially," I decided to try it out as a spice for my Thanksgiving meal. Kelly is right: It's absolutely delicious. We put it on everything--from the turkey and dressing to the green-bean casserole and even the pumpkin cheesecake. Once the burning sensation dies down, along with the difficulty breathing and the temporary blindness, the taste left in your mouth is simply unparalleled and sublime. Plus, it's fun to keep a canister ready under the table and surprisingly shoot it in a friend's mouth just as they go to take a bite. Seriously, it's a culinary delight!