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  • StringerBell - 4 1/2 really...This is a wonderful new recording of Merrily. I have not seen it on stage so can only comment on the score. I really like the new orchestrations and the sound quality is superior to the original broadway (duh). It includes additional dialogue and I get a much better sense of the character arcs from this recording than the original. Five stars for the great orchestral playing and many of the performers. I have some reservations about Manuel as Charlie. I absolutely love In the Heights and the guy is clearly a brilliant composer, however he is not quite a Sondheim singer. He lacks a beautiful tone and seems slightly out of his comfort zone in one of my favorite numbers in the show, 'Franklin Shepard Inc.'. Maybe if I saw his performance I'd feel differently, but just from listening it leaves a little to be desired. The show was put together in only 14 days (apparently the Encores! style) and there are a couple very small indications of this found in a few mismatched vowels between the three leads and a couple clumsy cut-offs. I'm being very overly critical though, I love this recording. It has helped me to see the show in a new light and is beautifully played. I highly recommend it!
  • AH "Research Mama" - This is a way of life that is ahead of it's timeAfter 2 years of this diet as a way of life in my family of six, I can tell you that this diet is undoubtedly ahead of it's time. There is no need for detox when you live like this! The wide array of ailments that this diet addressed in my house was proof enough for me and my crew that there is something really off with the standard American diet. I have tried in my weaker moments to cheat on this diet and each time, my body insists that I drift back to SCD. Once you live healthy and eat right like this your body runs like a machine. I sleep better, function better, think clearer. It really makes me wonder what in the world I was eating before that was apparently so bad for my body. What doctors miss today while they are spending all of five minutes with us to write our name on that little prescription pad, is that our body is a system. We cannot be treated by specialists that only look at one segment of the body at a time. You are a product of everything that goes into that system. The gamble is how long will your system run on those conditions before you see it begin to break down. SCD has undoubtedly given me, my husband, and my four little ones ranging from infant to 6 years old growth, energy, focus and health. Two of our kids grew three inches on this diet in the first 3 months! So much for kids needing starch to grow! We are one family that is not going back.
  • Mike90125 - Wide Wider Widest and Sharp. Great GlassWhats the difference between 18 MP and 180MP? Absolutely nothing if you have a cheap lens.

    Photographers know: Get Good Glass. This is good glass.

    This is the EF-S line, NOT for the full size sensor DSLRs like the 5D. If you have a 7D, 60D or any of the rebels, this is the lens you want when you want to capture large spaces. It is sharp, sharp at the edges, and really wide. I get great shots of the stars at night with this. F/3.5-4.5 isnt the fastest, and it doesnt have Image Stabilization, but if you dont own a tripod, you're not doing serious photography. A tripod is ESSENTIAL.

    Great, not super expensive wide lens for small format Canon DSLRs.