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  • music fan - Quiet, fast and a great alternative!I got this for Christmas. I researched other alternatives because I wanted a cheaper latte than at the coffee shop. I need a quick, uncomplicated maker for my morning cup of coffee. I got it! This is quiet. I just put in my favorite coffee, skim milk and a little bit of creamer (because I don't have syrup yet), pushed the button and I have a delicious, frothy latte. I know that it's not a true latte because it doesn't use espresso and doesn't steam the milk, but it tastes the same to me! I love it!
  • Dancing in Midwest - Works GreatHad someone with the courage to tell me about my breath. I began using Dr. Katz products and use this rinse with the toothpaste and wetting lozenges. Immediate results 3 or so years ago and still using to this day. Spendy, but worth it and cheaper to buy on Amazon than in any drug store even with the coupons you will find inside the packaging.
  • Brandon - One of the best books I have readThe book, "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" by Joshua Harris could be considered controversial for some today. This book is geared towards those who are interested in dating or are currently dating. In the book, Joshua explains the differences between worldly dating and Godly dating. There is an extreme difference! The book has 4 sections. In the first section, he talks about the "Seven Habits of Highly Defective Dating".

    Most individuals would write this book off saying, "All he is going to talk about is not to date!". Instead of that message, this book talks about some practical ways to know how to date the way God designed it. This world has totally distorted the way in which dating was originally designed by God. In the book, Joshua challenges others to wait to date until God wants them to. Through a few chapters, he shows just how to know when the time is right. He mentions that you should date first off when it is God's timing, but you should date someone you already know a lot about. Those points are foreign in the world today. In society, people try to date to get to know someone. The person you date should already be someone you know and are preparing for marriage.

    I would give this book 5 stars out of 5. This book has an extremely important message that needs to be read. I am thankful that the author, Joshua Harris, wrote this book to provide Godly insight into such a controversial issue. I highly recommend this book!
  • R. Patrick Baugh - Head and shoulders above the rest.Halperin and Heilemann are the true heirs to great political writers like White, Kramer, and Witcover & Germond. This is a much better book than the other 2 that came out earlier this year. If you're going to buy one book to read about what really happened during the 2012 election, this is it.
  • victory3201 - The perfect product!This item was much more than I expected for what I paid. It has a very appealing look, and fits anywhere. Connecting it to my wireless network took about 10 minutes, as I was unable to connect it using the WPS feature on my router. I suspect this is a problem with my router and not the product, (I've had difficulty connecting other wireless devices using this method.) It connected with no problem using the other method. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to fill a room with crystal clear sound at an affordable price.