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  • Mainiac - Excellent study guide for SAT (I like the CD version even better)Kaplan SAT 2011: Strategies, Practice, and Review (SPR)
    subtitle: "Everything you need to score higher"
    $19.99 list

    Kaplan SAT 2011 Premier with CD-ROM (Premier)
    subtitle: "More of what you need to score higher"
    $34.99 list

    As the parent of a HS junior and an Amazon Vine reviewer, I got both of these books because I wondered how they differed and which we would prefer.

    There is all sorts of evidence that SAT scores can be coached, so it is well worth your money and your and your child's time to make some sort of investment in preparing for the test-taking process. Some students will, of course, benefit from more structured classes, but for many of us, buying a book is the right cost-benefit tradeoff.

    I have complete confidence in Kaplan, so from the get-go, I know that one of these two books would be right for our family.

    Quip with the books: The printed tests in the books are not as helpful as they were back in the day because they do not replicate the experience of electronic testing. They will help, of course, with learning how to answer the questions. And there are the online (and on-disk) tests to provide the electronic test-taking practice. But I think Kaplan might get rid of the printed tests and put more online, and make these books about half their size and easier to schlep around.

    QUICK COMPARISON: Having looked at both of these products, I would definitely get the Premier. For about $10 more at today's prices, and $15 more at list prices, the extra disk seems worth it to me. My child will be more engaged with the disk version than anything in the book itself. However, since the online tests are available with both versions, you might find that the SPR version works fine for your family. Also, it appears that the SPR version has word roots and vocabulary sections that are not in the Premier version. Those do seem handy to me. I would get Premier over SPR... but I think both are excellent.

    What's included, Premier:
    757-page book
    CD (Windows & Mac compatible)
    Access to online companion site

    What's included, SPR:
    733-page book
    Access to online companion site

    The Premier book contains a multi-page "quick-start" guide that overviews the whole process for you, and I like that.

    The book:

    The books for the two versions are not identical, but very similar. The major sections in both are:
    7. RESOURCES (SPR version only, word roots and vocabulary word lists)

    I feel like Part 7 must be somewhere in the Premier materials, but can't find it. That section looks very helpful to me.

    There are four practice tests in each book.

    The online companion site:

    (This is the same for the two versions of the book.) This contains an online diagnostic quiz, help with building a study plan, review, and five additional full-length tests. I can't go there right now because I'll let my son do the registering, so this information is from the description inside the book.

    The CD:

    I have a Mac, as does my son. I was disappointed that an installation was required instead of just running off the disk, but it's not all that big a deal. It did totally ignore my specifified installation location, and installed on the desktop, but worse things could happen. Oh geez, and even after you "install" it will work only with the disk in, so it's not clear to me why they made me install anything.

    The CD is full-screen and includes a sound track. I found these both annoying in my little test run, but I realize that it will be very helpful in focusing attention for some learners.

    The CD contains a diagnostic test and five more full-length practice tests, as well as 12 focused practice tests for special skills (e.g., four for critical reading, two for math, two for writing, two for grid-in practice, and two for essays.) Note: I think these are five distinct tests, so that you have a total of 10 electronic tests with this version (5 on disk and 5 online), but it would be hard for me to check that they're distinct.

    I don't like some of the details of how they implemented the CD, but overall, I like the CD. I think for my son, this extra level of engagement is worth the extra money.
  • - A book to keep and pass on.This book offers the very best reference for providing medical care in an environment where medical professionals are not available. It should be required reading for all medical students and certainly should be in the poses ion of anyone interested in emergency preparedness.
  • Steev43230 "Steev43230" - Buy It - From AmazonThe cord is too short (only 36") and cannot be separated from the unit (which for me is a must-have for every small appliance, your mileage may vary). The item is of quality construction with a good user manual, but it is not immediately apparent how to turn the unit off (push pause/clear TWICE). Works great provided one reads the manual. Also note that the advertising implies that the entire surface will remain cool. This is not the case. The cooktop surface is in direct contact with the pan being heated, thus heat will transfer from the pan to the cooktop surface below it.

    Keep in mind also that the unit only allows temperature settings in 10-degree increments. The only exceptions are the various presets, which can allow you to select, for example, 375. If you really need 355 (for example), you're out out of luck - but if that was the case then you'd be using a different appliance anyway.

    Recommendation: Skip the infomercials and buy it from Amazon.
  • The Book Collector "Sulaco" - Please do not believe the minions of the Chinese Communist Party!!!I recently read and finished this book after hearing an interview with the author on NPR. I was touched more than anything by one thing she said. She said (and I paraphrase) that many young people in the US want to start their own business or become entrepreneurs because of the wrong reasons, including wanting to make more money or not wanting to work under someone else. She said both of these were the wrong reasons to start your own business venture and that one of the reasons that one should start one's own business is to create value.

    This answer alone is worth far more than five stars. I immediately bought this book and read it in one go. Thereafter I was stunned to see all the negative reviews of this book on Amazon the controversy fueled by these reviews which claims some inaccuracies on the Author's part. These inaccuracies have been explained away by the Author in an article in the Huffington Post.

    However, on closer scrutiny you will realize that these "reviewers" are nothing more than the minions of the communist party of China who have been asked to flood this website with negative reviews. I urge one and all to not believe these minions and read the book and decide for themselves. Additionally, people could also hear her interview on NPR and read her article on the Huffinton Post.

    P.S.:- I think the article "The Persecution of Ping Fu" by "Harold Evans" on "The Daily Beast" is a must read too, just to get a better idea of how these so called "reviewers" operate. They are there too mind you, and have posted the same replies which each one of them has been asked to post by their "Supervisors".