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  • Helen H - WONDERFUL WAY TO EATI DID LOSE THE 20 LBS. in 28 days, CONTINUING TO EAT FOLLOWING the diet to get to my goal.
    Learned a lot about foods and what to avoid. No being hungry...must eat the 2 snacks as indicated.
    My husband lost 16 lbs (didn't need the weight loss)...but he did the diet to lower his sugar intake and his PSA dropped.
  • BK and Val - Great resourceI am a medical transcriptionist, and usually buy the Drake and Drake Pharmaceutical book each year. Couldn't find one this year though, so went back to Quick Look and very happy I did.
  • B. G. Crate "four crates" - Training Year RoundI bought this as a present for my wife, but we all use it.
    It was easy to set up and easy to change bikes. It is stable and works great.
    Eventually I set up a bike to keep on it so we could add a speedometer/odometer. Since only the rear wheel moves, I had to extend the wire on our odometer to reach the rear wheel (if you have a wireless bike odometer you don't have to worry about this).

    No problems!
  • Grandma Carol - My Free Trip To England!!!!I absolutely LOVED this book and could not put it down. It was like reading someone's delightful diary!! The print is hand written and contains photos and drawings. She visited Beatrice Potter's home and I went with her (in the book). Her descriptions were so full that I could smell the flowers. That book has become a cherished friend and I know I will read it over and over again. The pages are so full that I could not contain it all in just one reading. It's so exciting that I wanted to follow the story so I turned the pages fast, but now I'm going to go back and absorb all the artwork and whimsical things throughout the book. If you don't get this book you will miss out on a beautiful journey. She even has me drinking tea and planting a garden. I would say this sweet book is one of my very top favorites in my library. And I read a lot!!! It is truly beyond description.