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  • Jerry - Best Operating System Ever!I have a Samsung Business Slate with a core i5 processor, 4 megs of ram, and a 128 gig solid state drive. The package came with both the 64 and 32 bit versions of the operating system. I have and external Plextor drive which is over 5 years old, but did not have any trouble loading the software to the single USB port on my slate.
    The operating system itself is in my opinion, the fastest and most versatile that Microsoft has come out with yet. My slate, which is already very fast, is twice as fast as it was with Windows 7! This operating system was made for touchscreens, although it would also work very well on non touchscreen computers. If you have Vista, GET IT!
  • Martha Hoffman - SCD is the answerThe medical community simply doesn't understand Crohn's. Drugs don't work, SCD does. My 11 year old daughter has been on the diet for just over a year and is both drug and symptom free. We owe our daughters health to Elaine. Thank You!
  • Dr Betty Schueler "Beajay" - A Super Shoe for a Super WomanThese shoes are a must for any woman who needs to kick a little butt around the legislature. I find the lavender-colored version to go perfectly with my mostly turquoise-and-lavender wardrobe.

    The shoe fits perfectly on the backsides of neanderthal males and can also do a wonderful job of helping them sing soprano. If you live in Texas, this shoe is a must-have accessory for any self-actualized woman who wants to make a memorable impression on the male sex.
  • William Catto - Waited and now perfectI bought the CD version from Amazon in early October but because of the reviews decided to leave it unopened until the 20th. At that time I installed it and updated to R5. It converted the data from Q10 perfectly and the cloud works great with both my iPhone 5 and iPad. The iPad app is more useful than the one on the iPhone but either can be used to input quick transactions.

    Last night it updated to R6 - although I wasn't experiencing any of the problems that it said were being corrected.

    Finally, in Q13 I couldn't find the 'make payment' button for a loan that was easy to find in Q10. I went on the web site and within 1 minute was able to chat with an Intuit tech who showed me where it was. The on-call help for such a simple issue is greatly appreciated.

    Great product (now) and I would recommend to anyone. Very useful to be able to examine where the $$ actually goes!