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  • William T Eckenhoff - Great Product!!I got a "Check Engine" light in my 2000 Silverado with almost 200K miles and the scanner showed it was a catalyst code, so I thought I was in for a costly repair. A salesman at Advance Auto Parts turned me on to Cataclean, so I thought I'd give it a try. I had to find the product at another auto parts place since Advance didn't carry it. I followed the directions on the bottle, putting Cataclean in the engine at a quarter tank, running 15 miles, and then filling up. I ran that tank to empty, but the check engine light went off at about half a tank! I was amazed. I cleared the codes and drove another 1000 miles and still no catalyst code. I was skeptical at first given the mixed reviews, but so far it has worked well for me. Cataclean probably can't fix everyone's catalyst, but it is definitely worth a try before dropping $1000 on a new catalytic converter. Some converters are just worn out.

    After having success with my Silverado, I was driving my wife's Malibu, which typically gets 33 mpg on the highway, and I saw I was getting 29. I tried some cataclean and immediately was back up to 33 mpg. Honestly! I was completely amazed.
  • Jennifer D Thomas - Refreshing ;)So a friend recommended this product to me. It was not available in my local drug store, but no need to worry because Amazon has everything.

    I have never used a intimate "refresh" product like this before. The gel applicators were easy to use and the instructions were clear. Each applicator came individually wrapped.

    After using the product, I did feel refreshed and clean. I am happy with the outcome. I would order it again.
  • Daniel M. Bell - Gave me my life back!I purchased this book about 5 months ago based off the many positive reviews from Amazon. I had never heard of the diet before this point. I was suffering terribly from Colitis and trying to take care of a newborn baby and 3 year old. I would be up at night with the baby then up with my stomach then up with my three year old and then repeat. I found that the only way I could function to care for my children was to starve myself so that I did not have to live in the bathroom. Within three days of starting this diet the awful pains in my stomach went away and within 12 days the other symptoms began to improve. I am fully recovered now and praise the day I found this book and got my life back. I can enjoy my kids again. Some people say this diet is too hard, or you can't travel while on the diet or you can only do it if you have time to make things from scratch. I have very little time to spend cooking as I have had a newborn and have been successful. You just have to find those easy foods and stick with them and pack them when you travel. I eat hard boiled eggs, cheddar cheese sticks, bananas with peanut butter inside, yogurt smoothies, fruit and veg. I eat out at restaurants all the time I eat lots of salads without dressing or I bring my own dressing. It is a lifestyle adjustment but once you have stuck with it gets much easier like any new thing. I agree with other reviewers that if it seems too restrictive you probably are not sick enough. That being said I know and the author acknowledges that this diet unfortunately does not work for everyone but it saved my life maybe it will help you.