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  • Gary in Sun City, AZ - Create your own legal documents, highly recommended, and easy-to-use.I have been using Quicken Willmaker 2011, their older version of 2013, and love it. Have created several documents for myself and others. It's easy to work with, a step-by-step process that's easy to follow. After downloading 2013 my documents were folded into this one, making for very easy review and updating phone numbers, etc.. I didn't realize years ago that it IS LEGAL to create your own Will and legal documents. They take you step-by-step and tell you what notarizing is needed. Just do it. Then print, sign, notarize, and save. No problems. This is very helpful software to have. Highly recommended.
  • Col - Awesome ProductDon't like diet pills or anything with caffeine or any other chemicals. This is one of the very few times I've tried a supplement and found it to work. Lost 14 lbs in less than 2 weeks. Haven't had any side affects, and I'm not the most active person in the world. Which tells me that it actually works. Very very impressed. Its worth giving it a try at least for a month.