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  • ScOObydoo - Really not that bad - but you may end up only using 50%Needless to say, the reviews of this product are quite brutal. I decided to read them, then forget all about them and review the product with an open mind.

    Roxio Creator 2011 is like Quicken, Microsoft Office or any other product that get updated every year -- manufacturers put a lot of effort into adding a bunch of new features that try to convince people that the new version is the best ever. And to be honest, to someone who has never used the program, it really a very good investment.

    If you have used previous versions, you'll be disappointed -- because the stuff you used is about the same, and the stuff you didn't use only got more bloated.

    Thankfully, the core portions of Roxio Creator 2011 are rock solid. It does what Roxio started off doing in the early 2000's very well -- but a lot of the extras really did not impress me. Clearly, companies need to innovate like crazy to add new ways to convince you to upgrade.

    That said, I did not experience some of the issues mentioned by other reviewers, and the things I tested with it worked perfectly. But as the title says, you need to be prepared to invest in a product you may only end up using 50% of. Welcome to software in 2011.
  • Christian M - Clear, Concise, but not ComprehensiveFirst, compared to my classmate's 2011 First Aid, the 2012 version is a clear improvement. Color images are an absolute must for histology, pathology, etc.

    This is a book that is a complete overview of the most important concepts that one should learn in medical school. The breadth is great, but it does not contain EVERYTHING, just everything the authors deem to be most important. And they do a pretty darn good job.

    Only thing missing in First Aid are review questions, but there are hundreds of resources for those, and First Aid even guides you to them with their resource grades.

    Bottom line: You can't beat a resource like this for $30. There is a reason why this is probably the most popular review book at my school.
  • T.A.R. - It actually worksI give it 5 stars just for the simple fact that it does what it claims. If you use this as directed, you'll be very suprised. It's a little messy, I had to do 2 applications, took about a day and a half til I could go 'bandaid-less' without the paste. 1 actually came off yesterday (started the whole process 4 days ago) and the others definitely look like they are going to soon. It is a little painful & itchy (not to mention gross) but nothing awful. Those small round bandaids are perfect for this. I'll update this once they start to heal (the one that came off kind of looks like a little burn wound right now) and maybe I'll have during/after photos then. Also, it didn't really affect the healthy skin around it very much, and I know I wasn't very careful about applying it. Overall, it's worth the money. Careful about putting this in a place where others can see, it'll take a bit to heal and it turns the spot BLACK until it falls off. Wanted to also say the customer service is GREAT, the guy was super quick to reply to my emails and very nice/professional. I'll update in a few weeks!

    update 3/27: All gone but a few holes/divots are left behind, not healed yet though and still red. Using neosporin and bandaids 24/7.

    update 4/6: Divots have filled in, looking SO much better, just a bit red and discolored. Just started using prefer on scar treatment.

    update 5/26: about half of the moles are starting to grow back (although smaller and flat). others are scars that lighten every week but still quite noticeable. will reapply to the ones reappearing.

    update a year and half later: reapplied and they are ALL gone still, and the scars have almost vanished, just a teeny touch lighter than the surrounding skin, but certainly not noticeable.

    updated 3.5 years later: still all gone. :)