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  • Robert A. Bowers "Bowers" - a great guide despite it's faultsI bought my first edition of this in the early 70's and have updated it with every edition since then. At that time, it was by far the best guide on the market and it remains very good. I do have some things I dislike: 1) since the classic editions have come out, not all items are in it, and the guidelines seem hazy at best. If they simply didn't include anything before 1960 (the cut off year) I would know to go to the classic guide for my reference, but many reasonably obscure early movies are listed while some fairly prominent ones are omitted. 2.) I hang on to my 1995 edition because this is the last one that listed movies made for television. I want to know about some of them. All that said, I find the listings good; especially for running time, cast etc. Do I always agree with his star rating? Frankly pretty often within a half star but not always. Obviously we all have directors, actors, types of films we like that may not be equally as popular with others, so I do not base my choice of watching or not watching a film on Maltin's book, but I do consider it and frankly, most of the time if he tells me it's a BOMB, he's right! For the price, it's one of the best film reference books on the market.
  • Dennis - TransferableI use this to connect my tablet to my desktop to my phone. It works seamlessly in all devices and across platforms (Android to Windows 7). It comes with its own adapter.