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  • vamppp - Did the trickI am a 48 year old female who really never had acne or zitts. At this point in my life I have started getting HUGE volcano like zitts on my chin. I had about 7 large zitts on my chin that wouldnt go away with any other product. I saw a commercial for this treatment on TV on night and decided to order it. I wrote a review after using it for about 4-5 days. I saw a big improvement. Now I am updating my review because its been about 2 weeks and ALL of my zitts are gone on my chin. I am still using the cream every morning and night to keep everything at bay until I know the zitts are gone for good. This product really does work, just like the commericals claim. I was skeptical since I am older, but it worked and it has kept on working. Give it a try!!!
  • julie - bought refurbishedI wasn't sure if I want to buy a used or refurbished tablet period, but I'm so glad I did. First off I loved this tablet from playing around with it in a few store and I feel it's equal to if not better than any iPad or kindle. They Tab is perfect for my mom and she can barely use a computer. She surface the web, watches movies, and listens to her favorites songs. Her keyboard and screen are very responsive and a good size. This was a really great buy and I have no regrets.
  • latoya - wasnt as good as everybody was saying...edit, to say i love iti relax my hair and was in need of protein badly so i got this and the shampoo. ok first i have to tell you this stuff doesn't smaell bad like everybody was saying it smells toxic i had the bathroom door closed and almost died i had to hold my breath the whole time. then on the bottle it says comb it through your hair before it dries which is impossible since it dries so fast and if i did comb my hair it would have fell out and make sure the water is running so you can wash off you hands as soon as your done cause it will stick to your hands, ok after i dried my hair and washed it out i deep conditioned and my hair felt so strong that i didnt feel like i had to be be super gentle with my hair but it was stiff and dry, now that i think about it it's been maybe 2 weeks since i put this in and my hair and it has never been drier no matter what i do

    EDIT... now that i have been using this for a couple of months i can tell you that while it still smells toxic it works, my hair is so much stronger and to combat the dryness i use cholesterol after im done and i will continue to use this product
  • Jean K Hertz - Fascinating book!I found that Dr. Aslan's book helped me to see reasons for the struggle I have long had with the varying faces of modern Christianity. Through this historical account, I was finally able to learn about the context and time in which the events occurred, the political agendas that led to inclusion of certain aspects more than others in modern Christianity, and confirming for me the importance of not taking the Bible literally, as it was indeed written by humans, not by God, and has many contradictions. I hope my friends and family will read this book, too! It should lead to some very interesting discussions.
  • Ilya Grigorik "igrigorik" - Mass amateurization is hereA wonderful tour of the social dynamics in our new and much more connected world. As Clay Shirky points out at the very beginning, there are many situations where a loosely affiliated group of people can accomplish something more effectively than an institution, and more often than not, it is simply a matter of lowering the cost of the coordination. IM, SMS, online communities, and numerous social networks are transforming how we live, communicate and coordinate with the rest of the world. All of the sudden, 'meganiches' are a common occurrence: niche-like appeal, but an audience previously available to mainstream media. "Here Comes Everybody" is the best analysis on the effect of these transformations I've read to date, it is well researched, offers great examples and insightful commentary.

    Clay Shirky is also a great speaker, so if you're interested in the subject, or would like to get a preview of the style and content, do a Google search for his presentations at 'Web 2.0 Conference' or 'PopTech! 2008', both are available online for free.