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  • Th3DuKe - Glad I chose this lens over the SigmaI was really on the fence with this lens - trying to rationalise the $200 difference with the Sigma 10-20, and I'm really glad I chose this lens. While this is considered a "quick" lens it is just that... A friend of mine has the Sigma f4-5.6, and having tried it, I loved the wide capabilities of it; so I knew I wanted one. After much research; I decided to bite the bullet and buy the Canon - man let me tell you; it was well worth it. Okay, so you might end up paying a couple hundred more; but the focus is quick, and for some reason I just find it's built better (very smooth).

    The picture quality is just amazing, but as with any wide angle; you need to practice to better understand "how" to best leverage a wide lens. Overall I'm very pleased of this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone.
  • J. Thomas - The drug book you will want to haveThis book is very clear and easy to read. A need to have for transcriptionists and other medical support staff.
  • Rachel "~Rachel S~" - Better than 5 stars!!!!!I did receive a copy of this book for free from Netgalley, but I didn't get a chance to read it before it archived the next day, so the copy of The Testing that I read was purchased by me. As always, my review will reflect my honest opinion.

    Wow. Can I please, please give The Testing 6 stars??? Honestly, I had never heard of The Testing when I got an invitation to read and review it on Netgalley. It looked interesting, and I was excited to read it. So naturally, when I realized there was no Send to Kindle button and I only had a few hours to read it on my computer before it archived, I was bummed. But the release date wasn't far off so I didn't have to wait too long. Well let me just say that even if I had to wait for a year it would have been completely worth it!!

    This is the first book that has completely lived up to an surpassed my expectations in a long time. It's the first dystopian book I have been this excited about since The Hunger Games. Now that I mentioned THG, I feel like I need to mention that The Testing has been compared to THG by just about every blog I have read a review on. I completely understand why, because I would compare it to THG too, but not because it is a rip off of that series at all. I would compare The Testing to THG because both main characters are strong females, they are both involved in a dangerous competition, they are both very well written, and obviously they are both dystopians. Plus, they both rate at the same level on my excitement scale, and I would absolutely recommend The Testing if you enjoyed THG. Now, you might say that these books sound very similar - and they do. But they are completely different. And the second book sounds like it's going in on a totally different path than THG series did.

    The characters all felt very real. I would suggest reading The Testing Guide, which is only equal to about a chapter long, maybe 5-10 pages at most. It introduces you very briefly to Cia's family and also explains why Zeen reacts the way he does to Cia's invitation to The Testing. Cia was a very strong main character, both physically and emotionally. Tomas was a little bit on the mysterious side for me, and I am interested to see where that goes. I definitely am curious to see what role Will will play in Independent Study: The Testing, Book 2. I also hope to find out exactly what happened to some other characters along the way. I can't say much more about the characters or I will be giving away important parts.

    The setting and the way she described it was also perfect. The way she described every phase of the Testing was fascinating. I could picture every scene perfectly in my mind, and I never got confused during confrontations about what was going on. The dialogue was also exactly right, never too much, never too little.

    I really can't say anything bad about this book! I didn't want it to end, in fact I read it somewhat slowly because I wanted to savor it! I am going to lose my mind waiting for Independent Study to release! I would recommend this to just about everyone, young or old, fans of the dystopian genre who have not been satisfied with the books out recently, or even those who have never picked up a YA or dystopian book. You NEED to read this!!!!!
  • Penny Pinching Polly "Check out my website fo... - It's McAfee for me!I was using a free version of AVG before first trying McAfee in 2011. After installing (which was quick, easy & painless), McAfee immediately found several problems that AVG had not found. One of those was a trojan virus.

    I have used Norton in the past, and did not like the constant pop-ups that I'd get while playing games or surfing the web. I have not had any annoying pop-ups with McAfee.

    I will be purchasing the 2013 McAfee when the time comes. I am very pleased with this anti-virus software!
  • Renee133 - Great overnight bag for kids - just note that it is the size of a standard backpack thoughI bought 2 for my boys (17 months and 4 1/2 yrs old) for our trips to visit family out of state. We go several times a year and I have always put their clothes in a huge bag with mine or used one bag for them to share which would lead to the 4 year old digging for his clothes and mixing them all up. I wanted them to have their own bags from now on, especially for the 4 year old because he now packs his won clothes (using a checklist of pictures) and then he can get himself dressed on the trip without mixing up his clothes with his brother's. Note that this is about the size of a regular/adult size backpack with wheels and handle. It's not really a luggage or suitcase per se.

    How much can you fit?
    For the 4 year old, I was able to fit a week's worth of clothes in the summer - 7 tops, 7 shorts, 7 underwear, 7 socks, 3 pajamas to wear twice each, and swim shorts. I wash all the laundry on the 6th day if we stay a week or more. In colder weather it will be less that fits in here due to the clothes being bigger. I used it in the fall and was able to fit about 4-5 long sleeve shirts and 2 short sleeve shirts, 5-6 pants, 7 underwear, 7 socks, and 3 pajamas.
    For the 17 month old, I was able to fit a week's worth of clothes for both the summer and fall trip, with room for 2 aden and anais muslin swaddle blankets (he uses as his bedtime blankies) and an Ikea Spoka nightlight with the charger. I think I also had an extra outfit for him just in case. Also, I put the diapers and wipes in my bag, there's no way to fit a week of those in here with clothes.

    It pushes the bag to it's limits for a full week trip, but anything less than that and you would gain some room for a toy or books. We bought the little matching backpacks for them to pack toys and books in though and that works for us. Granted, its 2 more bags to carry, pack in the car, and keep track of however then the toys and books are more portable to take around and they don't have to dig in the luggage for those items. Usually the luggage is upstairs in the guest room and the backpack is downstairs in the living room, so it makes sense for our trips.