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  • Arlene Candelaresi - Help for Those with Intestinal ProblemsAnyone who has intestinal problems could read this book. My husband has had crones since he was 15. He is now 65. Often people in his situation are operated on ever 10 years. He has not had an operation since we found this book over 30 years ago. Also he was in pain for 20 years, before reading this book. It suggest a change in your life style, but you can eat in restaurants, at friends etc. You just have to test yourself and find out what you can't eat.
  • L. A. Dye "700hpAMG" - The best tablet available at this time. Period!Pre-ordered this late last year while owning the original Transformer with dock. Have now had this long enough to go through all of the paces including the dock (of which I went through 3 to find a perfect one).

    Originally I was going to purchase an iPad2 like so many others that cannot get past the Starbucks fascination of owning an Apple product. My primary concern with Apple products including my iPhone was the lack of real memory with Apple limiting any expansion in their products-though great otherwise. As I recently converted both of my phones over to Android phones, that pretty much clinched the purchase as purchasing and juggling two platforms made little sense. I did go at it slow originally as I wanted to ensure that the tools (apps) I require were both available and worked well on the Android system vs Apple. Now only were they available, even better options were to be found which was a pleasant surprise as a lot of junk apps are also on the Android Market.

    Now to the tablet:

    Breaking this down into simple terms:

    .Very fast. With quad core and an extra chip to handle video, this tablet is speed with ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). With exception to browsing (Dolphin HD) which is just OK. Try out Opera.
    .Battery life: An honest 9 hrs+ with just tablet and over 17 hrs with the dock. Even while watching movies the battery drains very slowly. Very impressive. Also, the dock charges the tablet when connected.
    .Styling. Extremely nice and modern style. All aluminum (which is also it's greatest sin). This tablet is hot looking. I have tghe champagne version which is more like a light metallic bronze.
    .Expandability: Micro HDMI, USB (dock), miniSD. I have a 128gb microSD card for a total of 192gb in the tablet alone and a 64gb in the dock for a total of 256gb. I have a large amount of HD movies, games, photos, apps, etc. All play very well from the cards with no hiccups of any sort. Native USB mouse support and native PS3 controller support via USB. Just plug and go, no ROM needed. Also, the mentioned dock is an exceptional accessory. It adds battery life, USB, looks great, fits well , and really does complete the package.
    .Video playback. Another win over iPhone is the ability to play a wide array of movie formats which Apple can be stubborn about. Playback is very smooth, bright, and you can easily scroll forward or back with no delay or crashes. Very impressive.
    .Graphics: Superb, the best available on a tablet at the moment. Just youtube comparisons of Shadowgun and Riptide vs. the iPad2 and you will see the dramatic improvements over the iPad and original Transformer.
    .WIFI: LOL. Many complain about the WIFI as the aluminum backing does inhibit the signal. However my particular model has great WIFI and downloads faster than any tablet prior. No issues at all here. Additionally, I Hotspot off of my 4G Android phones, again no issues. No fee either through my carrier.
    .Screen: Large 10.1" screen with Gorilla Glass and highest tablet resolution at the moment. Very strong, very bright IPS, even outdoors. Movies and games look great along with spreadsheets.

    .Lack of accessories such as cases with the tablet/dock (current versions are designed incorrectly resulting in too thick of material between dock and tablet hinge.) Ton of stuff available for iPads and the original Transformer (those will not fit the Prime)
    .GPS. Yep, I do not use it on a tablet, but it is advertised (before), and the signal is blocked by that gorgeous aluminum backing. Simply does not work on mine. EDIT: Recent firmwares have improved this and it does now lock onto over 12 satellites though still not great for driving.

    Recent airplane trip. Edited a few spreadsheets, tired of that, decided to watch a full length HD movie, then connect my PS3 controller and played Shadowgun. The guy sitting next to me and another across from the aisle were blown away with this tablet sparking plenty of conversation. It is an impressive piece which has a tendency to draw people into your business. Expect it unless your doing something boring. Using it in the AM, then at the terminal, on the flight, I still had over 80% of total battery left. I did not even bother taking out my laptop.

    Overall with dock and memory cards (2) it was a bit expensive, however at the end of the day, well worth it IMO.

  • penny27 - Great strollerI received the b agile stroller about a month ago. No baby yet, but it seems like a really great stroller so far. Really easy to maneuver, easy to fold and it looks great. I just wanted to comment about the harness since I have read a bunch of reviews about how hard it is to unlatch. I almost did not buy the stroller because I read about the difficulty to unlatch harness and when I tested the stroller at a babies r us, it confirmed the difficulty. It was almost impossible for me to unlatch it and extremely difficult for my husband, as well. We started looking for different stroller. We went to a buy buy baby and gave the b agile there a difficulty at all. We took a chance and ordered it. The harness on our stroller is extremely easy to unbuckle. I ordered the kiwi color online, so I know I received a 2012 model. I don't know if this has anything to do with the ease of use of the harness. Maybe the 2011 strollers are more difficult to unbuckle or maybe there are just some faulty harnesses out there.
  • Travis D. Milam - OutstandingThis is the book to have for Walt Disney World. Each park is featured with every attraction given a description. Those that are outstanding or most popular are, of course, given more space with suggestions on how to get to them and make the best time. There are reviews of food, lodging and how best to get around the parks. Even coupons are included. I would say that you cannot go wrong with this guide.
  • Kristin - a MUST for anyone struggling with problem areasI got Sweet Sweat after reading about it on a fitness page I liked on Facebook. A woman who had posted a picture of her transformation swore by it. I've been working out for 3 years and finally got down to those last few pounds that just wouldn't go away no matter what in the areas most women have trouble with (lower abs, inner thighs, and triceps). I would do cardio for hours and weights as well... but I had hit a plateau. I figured I'd try this after reading about the science on the product's website. I've only used it twice so far. The first time I poured sweat and left the gym soaked. This past time I weighed myself before and after my workout, and even though I just did strength training (Jillian Michaels "No More Trouble Zones"), without a cardio workout, I lost a pound and a half in sweat!!! I know it's water weight, and only a short-term result, but my point is that I have NEVER sweat that much in a workout (not even after running 5 miles). It definitely works as they advertise and I will continue to use this. I will update my review in a month or two to report the more long-term results. Until then, I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to sweat ;)