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  • Chupakabra - Supper formula! This thing does work!I first tried this product in the spa during my steam wrap sessions and was sweating like crazy! Got really curious what if I use it underneath my sweat suit during exercising. Guys, it helps to lose more calories, open up your pores and all toxins are coming out like crazy! You would need to change a t-shirt couple of times during 1 exercise. It helped me to shred 8 pounds over 10 days. I won't consider to exercise now without this Ointment.
  • Mama Food Researcher "Mama Food Researcher" - Great Diet for people with Ulcerative Colitis and RECOMMENDATIONThis specific carbohydrate diet really works. I no longer have any signs of UC (ulcerative colitis). The book is a really easy read (only 78 pages-- the rest of the book is recipes). The RECIPES are easy and fun. I read of few reviews that said it was hard to make the food in the recipe book. I disagree.
    I do RECOMMEND that you have a Cuisinart Food Processor Prep 11+ or other food processor. It makes grinding up the nuts really easy and really fast. The food tastes great. I have enjoyed the muffins, bread and pancakes... taste like the real thing! I am also lactose intolerant so I have not made the yogurt that is crucial to the diet. I do take probiotic pills instead.
    It really is not a hard diet to follow... lots of fruits, veggies, meats and nuts. I would also recommend a juicer. The "Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer" is pretty amazing. I make fresh carrot and apple juice almost once a week (the juice lasts about 5-7 days). Delicious!
    Hope you purchase the book if you have any kind of intestinal issues. This book is also good to read for people that have children with Autism or for people with mental disabilities.

    Also, I recommend that you buy the nuts at Costco. They are really inexpensive there. Lowest price that I found.