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  • Jeffrey Borden "Pastor" - The latest information on Christian PublishingThis is a book I am increasingly thankful for. The Christian Writer's Market Guide 2012 is exactly what its subtitle professes to be: Your Comprehensive Resource for Getting Published. This book is truly a "one stop shop" for the aspiring writer of Christian literature.

    I encountered the Christian Writers' Market Guide for the first time with the 2009 edition. At that time the book was still being authored by Sally E. Stuart, who had been the author of the guide for over twenty years; this is the first year the task of compiling the guide by someone other than Stuart.

    Jerry Jenkins has taken on the responsibility of continuing Stuart's work and has kept the outline and information flow of the Guide almost identical to that of the original. This is good news for folks who have used the guide in previous years...and good news for newbies alike. The original work had been perfected over the two plus decades of publication and doesn't make a lot of sense to change something that works so well simply for the sake of change itself. I commend Jenkins for the wisdom of this decision.

    The value of this book/guide cannot be overstated. The compilation itself is monumental in the amount of work and time that it saves the person-writer who needs the information contained in its pages. As an aspiring writer myself, I am keenly aware of the rapid changes that have taken place in the publishing world with the recent leaps in technology and how that affects the publication industry. It is important to know and follow the respective guidelines for each publisher when submitting work for consideration and this guide is invaluable in those regards.

    The Christian Writer's Market Guide 2012 doesn't begin and end with a list of publishers and their submission guidelines; there are a number of other helpful tools and pieces of information that can be of use to the aspiring author as well as the seasoned writer. A few of these specialized pieces of information can be found in part four of the book, Helps for Writers. In this section are several chapters sharing some great resources. A couple of chapters, for example, that are of interest to me are chapter ten--Christian Writers' Conferences and Workshops and chapter fourteen--Contests.

    This Market Guide for 2012 is a faithful continuation of the original work and previous users can be assured of the integrity of content this volume and version contains. New users can also be confident that the information shared in the guide will be a guaranteed boost to their efforts in submitting successful queries to potential publishers as the information is relevant, accurate, and up-to-date with requirements and contacts. Thank you, Jerry Jenkins for carrying on this faithful work.
  • Audra Price - Great productPurchased this for my 9 year old for his bday. We went through 3 android tablets (cheap ones) and I decided to purchase this one and he loves it and I am loving it as well. I am more of android person and now thinking about Ipad Air.
  • swizzler - Simple, comfortable coverageEasy to put on and take off, this does not snag my long hair and holds it all in place. I don't even need to use a hair tie, I can just wrap up my hair on the top of my head and pop this cap on over it and it works perfectly. The material is high quality and with regular rinsing after laps in the chlorinated pool it holds up well after lots of use.