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  • L. M. SINGLETON "Book Nerd !!!" - Best crepe maker I ever used...I bought this frying pan because of the infomercial hoping to find a solution to making crepes. I have used many frying pans to make crepes and had a hard time with getting it right. I refused to buy a crepe maker because my grandmother never used a appliance to make them. My grandma just used a darn good skillet. This orgreenic fry pan is perfect it is incredibly non stick and browns wonderfully. My crepes are professional. I don't know why others are having a hard time or what they are doing but this pan is great...

    Try it for yourself despite the negative reviews and follow the seasoning instructions and it should work as stated... LMS
  • munroesir - Windows 8 is powerful and also simpleI'm not going to give an in-depth, detailed review of the software. I'm just going to get to the point.

    Windows 8 can run all the software that Windows Vista, 7, and XP could run.

    It has a new Start screen interface and new style of apps that while jarringly different, are simple and typically easy to use.

    For a casual computer user that has a beef with menus and tools, or the tablet user, the new interface is perfect. Experienced users will appreciate that Windows 8 runs on the same hardware as previous versions without losing speed or stability. If anything, it's a little faster, since the shiny transparent graphics of Windows 7 have been traded for flat, simple themes.

    I like it.