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  • erin "pablo's books" - if you eat out .... get it!i bought the inglesia fast table chair after reading another manhattan mom's review... we eat out often enough as a family that we needed something for our little guy. he's not quite sitting up on his own, but this has a tight belt to fit around his waist that helps keep him upright. the chair is fully collapsible if you unbutton the side snaps. we put the chair in a canvas travel bag for our own convenience. it very east to tighten the bar to make the chair very sturdy (you can spin the grey part ). i never give reviews - but this chair is totally worth it!!
  • Five 28 - This stuff is great!I started suffering from stomach ailments including nausea, diarrhea, bloating and queasiness back in about 2003. This went on for a few years and I was diagnosed with a polyp in my gallbladder by my doctor. He recommended surgery. A second opinion with a specialist also pointed to surgical gall bladder removal. I wasn't convinced though, so I suffered with these symptoms for a few more years until I went to see a gastroenterologist at Rush University Medical center in Chicago. This doctor said he saw many patients after they had their gall bladders removed coming to him with the same symptoms that lead them to have the surgery in the first place. He ordered a hydrogen breath test and I was diagnosed with an overabundance of bad gut bacteria. I was put on a regimen of antibiotics and after two weeks, started taking Align which the doctor recommended after I completed the antibiotics. After another few weeks, all of my symptoms went away completely. I have continued taking Align since then and it has been about four years now. I will continue to use this product, as it keeps me feeling normal. Align is a great product. I only wish I had known about the importance of good gut bacteria when my symptoms started. It would have saved me a lot of money and years of feeling awful each day.
  • M. Valentine - Should be read by every chief of police in AmericaAn alarming historical analysis of the evolution of law enforcement in America.
    Had just finished this when the Navy Yard shootings unfolded on TV. A slippery slope, indeed.
    Would that I taught law school so I could somehow get every student to read it.
    The ghost of Ben Franklin looms near "those who will give up basic freedoms under the gise of enhanced security will end up withneither"