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  • owookiee "owookiee" - That was quick and easySo the only thing in the box is your 25-character Product Key. You hit up their website and type in the Key to install. This Home & Student package includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
    Install also requires a Microsoft Live account. I already had one, if you don't they'll make you create one. During the install they try to upsell you on their Cloud backup service, but you can decline and use the product without signing in again after installation.

    The whole install process surprisingly only took 10 minutes. The size on disk is 1.4GB and my internet connection is 15 down. I don't know if it retrieved all that data then, or if Windows 7 is prepopulated with many files it needs. I also previously had the 2003 Word and Excel Viewer programs installed, it didn't seem to care and didn't go through an uninstall step. It looks like Excel 2003 Viewer is gone but Word 2003 Viewer is still there and works, which is kind of weird, but it changed the file associations so that double-clicking a doc file opens in the new 2013 Word.

    If you already had an Office version newer than 2003, the new interface style won't throw you off (they reverted the giant circle icon to access file menus), but if you're coming from 2003 it may take some getting used to. The 2013 version actually looks like it's been completely rewritten (with the same general facing), as it's much simpler/cleaner looking and more lightweight, it launches quicker and is more responsive than previous Office versions.

    One annoyance I've encountered is that by default there is a Protected View File Block feature enabled that has Open and Save capabilities disabled for many previous Office document formats. You can change these defaults easily; when you try to open a previous version file it will warn you and just click the "File Block Settings" option to adjust the checkboxes. In this dialog you'll probably also want to look at the Privacy Settings tab and decide if you want to keep Office from accessing your internet connection at will to download stuff and send quality reports back.

    Overall I'm very impressed with this latest iteration of the product!
  • Alexandria B. - love it buy it!!I loved my kindle fire! I gave it to my 9 y/o niece because she loved it too! that was so hard to do I mean you can use this tablet for everything and it is very user friendly. I want another one. It is definitely worth every penny!
  • Mr. Honesty "Mr. Honesty" - What a surprise.I purchased this book and gave it to my wife with almost an apology. I shouldn't have. She loves the book and it has opened her eyes to all the possibilities she didn't know existed (or at least didn't want to confess). She now declares herself polyamorous and we are set to meet our first "date" in two weeks. This book is a very good resource for those with questions, and we all have questions.

    And BTW, when did I become "Mr. Honesty"?
  • Pitufli - Great, product, keeps malware out, daily updatesHighly recommend it. An on line computer cleaning service charged $135 to bring my desktop back to normal speed. They used Malwarebytes Free. They downloaded, installed and ran the program. The cleaned my computer and charge me $135.00!!! They un-installed the program. I was watching and learned their procedure

    Later I bought Malwarebyted Pro. It runs every day. Updates at 9 AM every date and keeps my computer clean at a fraction of the
    $135 I paid originally. I paid a price to learn. I am extremely happy with the product.