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  • poppy - Not possible to regret buying a book from EH...I am huge EH fan. Got each book, and of course I do not like each of the books. THAT is just not possible, at least IMO. Everyone is looking for different things in books. I, for example love a feisty, independent heroine who actually does win some rounds against the hero. And yeah, I think Isabel is exactly that. She has her past, like everyone in EH's books, which makes the characters always very special to me. EH doesn't follow a trend or something and I always enjoy reading her books, especially this one now, because I actually have a signed copy :P

    But honestly, at the beginning Isabel just seemed like someone who just lives through the day without knowing anything about life and Winter seemed VERY reserved without showing much emotion. But characters do have a journey ahead of them. And I always love how they, not change, but how they open up and learn to trust another person but themselves. So, yes, I love that aka I love the book :)
  • El Campo - Great referenceThis is an awesome little book to have. It is small and fits in pocket easily and has almost every drug you commonly use. I am an ER nurse in a level 1 trauma center and this book has been indispensible. I get the new versions every year they come out. As inexpensive as they are it is well worth it. Give your old one to a nursing student or something. You cannot go wrong.
  • Cap'n Crunch - Now I know what that steering wheel thingy is forThis book really is one of the best huge ship avoidance references I've come across, not just for the effective methods it teaches as to avoiding huge ships, but also for exploding some of the huge ship avoidance myths that many of us take for granted.

    For example:
    - Do not charge the huge ship at full speed in an attempt to scare it off. This may work with coyotes, but it is less effective with huge ships.
    - Similarly, do not roll your boat over and play dead. Unless the huge ship is captained by a grizzly bear, this will not work.
    - Do not attempt to go under the huge ship. This is typically not successful.
    - Do not attempt to jump over the huge ship.

    Captain Trimmer presents a rather novel technique for avoiding huge ships - move your boat out of the path of the huge ship. I know what you're thinking, this goes against conventional wisdom, but Trimmer presents significant empirical evidence to support his theory. Indeed, over the long run, moving out of the way will dramatically decrease the number of huge ship collisions you will have to endure in your daily life.
  • Dorothy E. Riley - Dirty Wars: The World is a BattlefieldThis book was broad in its scope and extremely detailed. The author's presentation of facts create emotions of anger, disbelief, disgust that American soldiers were pawns in some people's political ideology of war and who is our enemy. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld should be held in account for the loss of life , treasury and no success ( neither served in the U S military)! Even G.W. Bush was not kept informed of all their stealth efforts until they could not hide some any longer.He was appalled and that changed his relationship with Cheney.The creation of assassination squads is very disturbing. These squads are all over the Middle East killing people in our name and on our dime. Likewise the Abu Grabi tactics with captured enemies were developed by Rumsfeld and he knew all about it yet only 2 enlisted personnel were charged, convicted, dishonorably discharged and imprisoned. What is even sadder is that President Obama has continued this war path. Further the military did not realize for too long tp hat the insurgence was the very action which increased the enemy's attacks against us. The book is long and has way too many anachronisms. It would have been helpful if a glossary of terms was available.