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  • Corry Jankowski - 1040EZ (1998-1999), TurboTax (2000-2011), H&R Block (2012), TurboTax (2012-times indefinite)I've used TurboTax since I began filing tax returns that were a little more complicated in 2000. Before that, I just filled out a 1040, signed it, copied it, and mailed it. Then I got married and bought a house, but still didn't have enough deductions to qualify but a friend told me to save a trip to the library and instead use TurboTax free online. As life became more complex, I just moved up to the next TurboTax. This year, I wanted to save a few bucks, and tax software is tax software, right? No. Big, fat wrong-o. After 3 months (off and on, but still way too time consuming!! I completed 1 of 3 corporate returns) of trying to file our corporate returns on H&R Blocks $80 software (which has now been reduced to $30.21) and with the 3/15 deadline looming, I caved and bought TurboTax business. Yesterday (in 8 hours!!) I completed an entire S-Corp return. Today I plan to complete another S-Corp return and I think that I may redo my LLC return to make sure that it isn't as befuddled as the H&R Block software is. I will never doubt the TurboTax investment. This software even imports your data from QuickBooks, if you choose (I was doing a short year filing for one business, so I didn't, but today I am.) What a great feature that is! It even allows you to pick the generic tax line so that if you use an itemization in a way besides how QB has it selected, you can change it. (For example, we never set up a line item for Equipment Rental and things started getting input with that description. QB itemizes that as COGS but we use it to distinguish how much we spent renting equipment that isn't charged onto the customer so I just changed it in TT without it messing up my return)...

    Anyways, long story short, buy TurboTax if you want/need to do it yourself. Not all tax software is created equal. Having the correct software will save you more than the difference in cost.
  • E. Kennen - A Cumpulsive ReadWillow is a genius who's observational skills and medical prowess make Sherlock Homes and House, MD look like amateurs. A lover of life, she is a gifted horticulturalist. What she's not so good at, however, is understanding how people work. Which is too bad because, having the particularly horrendous luck of being orphaned twice, she must now navigate through unimaginable pain and loss while unmoored to any particular community.

    Except... maybe Willow does have more support than she first realizes, from the most unlikely sources: a taxi driver who thinks she's his guardian angel; an inept, angry guidance counselor; and a Vietnamese family who live in the garage behind their mother's nail salon.

    Willow thinks so differently than most people that I can imagine some young readers will find her offputting... at first. But her quirks and logic are entirely endearing and soon begin to feel natural... to everyone, except Willow herself. Her first person narrative is divided by third-person glimpses at the people who's world she's changing... and who are changing her world.
    This was a compulsive read - the 300-odd pages just sailed beneath my fingertips. Author Holly Goldberg Sloan does an amazing job of bringing the statistical anomaly that is Willow to life, and of making her feelings and actions seem realistic, while somehow retaining a lightness and hope even in Willow's darkest hours.

    Willow might not resonate with every young reader, but to those she does, she will not soon be forgotten.
  • Student Mom - Couldn't put it down!I've only had this book for 2 days, and I just finished reading it. I remember when Elizabeth Smart was captured and also when she was found. It was incredible to read about what she went through, now that I'm older and have an adult's understanding of what happened. I don't know if I would have had the same strength she did to survive, and to also overcome and move on with her life as she has done. It was so inspiring to me! I highly recommend this book, especially if you have or are trying to overcome sexual abuse. It may help to see that it is possible to heal.