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  • Sadie - Magic in a TinKeeps your brights bright and gets your whites whiter. Best laundry product I've ever used. Just a pinch thrown in with the detergent gets out the stubbornest of stains and leaves the whole place smelling fresh as a summer day. Also works to polish silver and remove pet smells from furniture. Sprinkle some in the cat box to eliminate the unpleasant odor. Though I haven't tried it myself, my sister says mixing it with peroxide makes it a wonderful toothpaste. I wouldn't recommend it for use around infants, however, or children under 3. You should also discuss the purchase with your spouse just in case. When I showed my uranium ore to my husband, he went a little nuclear.

    All in all, I would definitely recommend this product to my friends. Since adding it to my household routine, I feel like I'm positively glowing.
  • dBlues - Excellent ValueBought as a gift for my wife, this tablet is extremely easy to configure and use even for someone not technically oriented.
  • NobodysCandy - Norton 360I will always use Norton and now I will always purchase it first from Amazon. Norton 360 is great because it allowed me to go into my husbands computer, when it had one of the worst viruses ever, and perform a clean back up all his information onto a USB and then it cleaned it and now its working better than ever.
  • Roberta Mylan - Well researched, well written book on the historical Jesus and the beginnings of the religion of Christianity.Author Aslan has done a huge work of synthesizing all that is currently known of Jesus' life and the beginnings of Christianity. His readers are lucky that he also knows how to write well. He acknowledges his narrative is what he believes to be the best synthesis of the available research. He writes about an historical Jesus in a place and time of growing dissent against Rome, which years after his crucifixion would lead to a Jewish revolt and Rome's vicious suppression. The catastrophe of Rome's destruction of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, part of that suppression, resulted in the transformation of Judaism, the religion of Jesus. The author links early Christianity's need to distance Jesus the Jew and revolutionary to Rome's violent suppression of Judaism. "Thus began the long process of transforming Jesus from a revolutionary Jewish nationalist to a peaceful spiritual leader..." writes the author. The author's assertion that the gospels are "testimonies of faith...written many years after the events they describe," seems reasonable enough, unless one's faith needs the assurance that the Bible is the literal word of God. Then one may need to reject this book with all the might of those other zealously written anti-Aslan reviews. For the rest of us Aslan's work is fascinating.