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  • Victoria Morrison - Binder on "Morning Joe"!I was so pleased to see this binder featured on MSNBC 's show "Morning Joe" today! The binder's many useful features were well presented, as Joe and his otherwise all -male panel very adeptly put Mika into one when they kept summarily dismissing this topic. Well done, Alpha males! Obviously you wanted to keep this topic off your agenda of really important items to discuss, such as how wonderful Mitt really is. His pattern of dismissing women isn't important, so get off it, Mika! Looks like Joe needs to order more of these binders. And Mika needs to get her own show if she wants to be allowed to express a non- male opinion.
  • C. Macauley "cmacauley" - Superb Teaching ToolI first started using this book when I worked in a refugee camp in 1984. Since then I've used material from it in training workshops in 12 different countries. It's hard to overemphasize how important this book is, not only as a text, but from a philosophical standpoint: Werner has spent his life trying to decrease our dependence on the medical establishment and this book does it perfectly, carefully noting when and why we need to seek professional care, but listing all the areas of health that can be managed at home, even for people with little or no education. It's simple, smart, kind and filled with clear, delightful illustrations. Updated editions do a good job of maintaining Werner's original intent, and spin-offs carry on his philosophy into other areas of health. The book is so widely translated and used that it has changed the way aid agencies operate. Utterly brilliant!
  • Kathryn B. Gurkin - As Good As It Gets in Contemporary American FictionIt was a rare pleasure to read this novel. So many American novels are too thin, too bloody, too foggily plotted, but this is an inexhaustible supply of good writing, great plotting, amazing characters who do very human things. Alvis Bender is the perfect failure(he could be played by Richard Burton, who played the same sort of failure in "NIght of the Iguana.") BEAUTIFUL RUINS is a comic masterpiece!
  • S. Dobbs "Patros" - So far webroot is beyond excellentI have used webroot for 3 months now. Today I had 2 threats that it discovered while I was on the internet looking for freezers. It took that program under 2 minutes to guide me to end programs, remove both threats and rescan my computer. This makes McAfee look sick. I have had McAfee for 4 years and finally got fed-up when I had a virus and they wanted 80.00 to remove it. That's over and above the price of it's stupid security program. I deleted it in the beginning of it's subscription deciding that I would not suffer through another year with them. No, they did not return my money. Now I am very happy I did, my computer had a threat for 1.5 minutes and webroot destroyed it. By this program- holy cats it's fast.
  • Mr. Knowitall - A Must OwnI'm not going to explain what matches are on this DVD because you can find that anywhere. I'm just going to share my thoughts on this PPV. I haven't bought a WWE PPV on DVD in many, many years. I think the last one I bought was WM 26. With that said I went out and bought this DVD the day it came out because I knew this would be one of the greatest WWE PPV's ever. And it does not make you think twice about ever forgetting it. This was truly one of the most important moments in the WWE. It has started a gradual shift and change in the WWE. Hopefully leading to bigger and better things. This DVD ranks right up there with any and I mean any Wrestlemania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, or any other PPV. Every match is top notch and worth watching over and over again. You must see this PPV for it changed history.