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  • Frank Scoblete author of Confessions of a Way... - Jesus the ManI enjoy reading different viewpoints of Jesus' life. The dichotomy between the religious view of Jesus as the second person in the Blessed Trinity (meaning God) and his life as a human has been a raging battle ever since it was first promulgated by the early Church fathers. This book handles the humanity of Jesus in an excellent way and I recommend it highly.

    I got into trouble with my niece over this simple question: "On those long and lonely nights when Jesus was on the road with his Apostles did he ever rip a wicked fart that made his followers wave the air around them?" She believed this question was inappropriate. I wonder though. If Jesus were human why do the God-fearing feel it is inappropriate to understand the simplest human things about him?

    I think for many religious people discussing the true humanity of Jesus is almost besides the point --- whatever that point might be. I think you can believe he is a god or not but around those campfires, well, you get the picture.
  • Victoria Shephard "Newbirth" - Interesting as historyAfter the publication of "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution," this older version seems to have been neglected. Mostly this is good because while it's a great book and I enjoyed reading it, Dr. Atkins' understanding of things has come a long way since he wrote it.

    For example, the old version recommends almost zero carbohydrates and doesn't take fiber into account. The new book recommends no less than 20g of net carbohydrates, and fiber can be subtracted from the total count for any food since it doesn't raise blood sugar.

    In the old version, the first phase was simply called "Phase 1" and lasted only one week; now it is called "Induction" and lasts 2 weeks. Since it includes more carbs, it can be adhered to for up to six months.

    Dr. Atkins puts a big emphasis on ketone strips. The new program includes using them, but downplays them. Many people - like me - have trouble getting even light pink on our best days. I think downplaying, while still leaving the option there, is the best thing to do.

    Other differences just have to do with the passage of time. 30 years ago Splenda wasn't on the market, so there is no mention of it. Same with cyclomates. Who today has heard of this sweetener? And the cure for constipation then was a mild laxative. Nowadays fiber supplements are on the market and are the recommended thing.

    The only part of the book I skipped was the recipes, though if you are into cooking it would be a really awesome part to look through. It takes up significant space, so if you are looking for low carb recipes, the book might be worth the price just for that.

    I loved the end of the book and wish that section had been included in the new one. It's Dr. Atkins' statement to the Senate Select Committee on Nutrition of Human Needs on April 12, 1973 (very early versions of the book do not include this). He does a wonderful job of defending his diet to the naysayers. I highly recommend reading this section of the book.

    One last thing, the weight chart at the back of the book is not realistic in today's world. It's based on the old version of the Met Life charts. The new version allows people to weigh more, and I know my body just stalls out my weight loss at 145. On the old Met Life chart that was too much. On the new one it is a perfectly normal weight.

    I recommend this book as a good history lesson in how the diet began, but to lose weight I recommend "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution," which has the advantage of 30 years' worth of learning that the doctor didn't have when he wrote the first book.
  • J. ""older and smarter" - Don't think, just buy it.If you do anything Clinical--RN, PA, MD--you need this book. Each Dx is generously covered in a 2-page format and the index lists all the Dx's covered. Buy the book as "used" hardback here on Amazon--cheapest deal in town for this much immediately useful info. Just find $20 and buy it. You will not be sorry.
  • umo221 - Fun and ExcitingThis is a great baseball app. I love to play baseball myself so I know a lot about games like this. What I like about this game is that you can start a career as a batter, or a pitcher. You can also create a team and play in tournaments.
    Another upside is that there is no downside. This is a great free app that everyone should have!
  • Eric Allam "the pale phantom" - Feet off the groundDribbly chins of the children sipping on their Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz, their feet a foot of the ground swinging the way children's legs swing when their feet are off the ground free to pat at the air, the two little hands grasped around the 12oz glass, condensation beading to life, the TWM1G123floz being tucked back into its familiar spot, kept cold for days like these where the sharp sun seeps into the kitchen through creepy white shades, casting obtuse angles of light across the checkered tile floor and marble countertops, cold for the day when the children's feet reach the floor and seem to finally catch on to something to propel them forwards, away from their TWM1G123floz, moving on to Bud and Whiskey and White Russians, feet and whole bodies stuck to the ground, underground, where its cold and dark and no place for Whole Milk.