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  • Sammy - Divorce Court Here I ComeThank you, thank you, thank you!!! For the past 20 years I've been in a loveless and mentally abusive marriage. All because of ink pens! With no women's pens out there for me to write with I've been unable to provide a signature for a checking account of my own, apply for a credit card, and sign my name for a license to drive, among hundreds of other things. Every month when the bills are due I watch my husband write out the check signing his name with a smile of utter satisfaction on his face. When I beg to be allowed use of his "man-pen" he laughs at me taunting saying, "you want to use my pen? too bad you're just a woman" or "what? you want to touch this (as he holds his pen close to my face just out of reach)? Never!" and then he laughs and laughs and points at me while I sit there crying. Oh how I've waited for the day I could hold my own pen in his face and say: "NOW who's in charge, Buster?!" As soon as I get my driver's license I'm driving to the bank, writing myself a check for all the money in the bank, opening my own account, then going to a divorce attorney's office and signing on the proverbial dotted line....with MY OWN "JUST FOR HER" PEN! Take that you male tyrant! I stopped loving you when gel pens were invented and you refused to teach me to write with one! Freedom is mine at last! BIC is the BEST!
  • Manuel Hernandez - A Real Life Saver!!!!!This book is written in very easy to read english. Which is part of its value. Not being in the medical field and if I had to deliver a baby in the bush in Africa I want the book to be written as simply as possible. The drawings are a bit better than stick men but they get the point across. My wife and I lived in West Africa and quite often in the bush. Places where you do not find a doctor and the hospitals are less than our American medicine cabinets. This book has helped through malaria; yellow fever; insect bites; dehydration; water purification; etc. These were areas that we truly faced and the book took us through. Yes, we survived!! If you know anyone in the 3rd. world, do them a great service and get them this book. No missionary or business men to the 3rd. world have any business leaving without this book.
  • N. Merlo - Yes, but ...I agree with what some of the other folks who did not give this book a 5-star rating had to say; HOWEVER, the principles at the heart of this book are priceless for us all. YES, the book is not very well thought out, it's structure leaves much to be desired, the graphic of the eating plan is a disgrace, there are a lot of details that simply are not there and the author does leave you with a lot of questions ... BUT, the idea of the good bacteria vs. bad bacteria that lives in our gut is right on and I guarantee you can be free of a plethora of different symptoms should you choose to follow the few simple principles in this book. Now, as far as the author constantly pitching her products goes (and boy does she) you need to look past that; think of it as her just helping you along with a one-stop shopping site to get you started eating this way ... hey, a girl has to make a buck - let's not hold this against her. I started out ordering some of her products at the get-go because I was so excited about the diet that I wanted to start a.s.a.p. but later on you can shop around and find similar products elsewhere if that makes you feel any better. Although, the products from her site are good quality and there isn't anything wrong with them, so really ... it's not that big a deal that she pitches them as much as she does.

    Originally I was drawn to this book because I had experienced various digestive issues for a really long time which had completely disrupted my life, but what I was really noticing was how many of my middle-age girlfriends were experiencing the very same issues - I'm 48 by the way. I just knew there had to be something causing this and I was beginning to suspect the pathetic agri-business that is responsible for feeding this industrialized nation but that's another book. I read the book and started slowly with some of Donna's suggestions, and as a result, my husband (who incidently has no choice but to eat all these exotic new things I was so excited to fix for us) had finally found relief from the chronic constipation this man had endured for years! As for myself, all I can say, is that I finally feel like a normal human being again when it comes to my digestive tract. In fact, better than normal because the new normal seems to be irritable bowel syndrome, does it not?

    The list of symptoms I have helped people find relief from all thanks to the principals of this book is endless - so I suggest to you, if you are on the fence about reading this book because of some of the reviews here, just get the book and read it with an open mind. Then, most importantly, do not look for a structured eat-this-and-this-and-that kind of a schedule in this book - it's not that kind of a "diet" but more of the kind of diet where you learn the kinds of things that are just plain good for your health and what isn't. Yes, you will lose weight, but that is not what this diet is about, weight-loss is merely a side-effect from eating this way. What people do not realize is that so many other conditions we suffer from are originating in our unhealthy guts - fix that, and these other conditions can be cured as well. I've never been healthier and it shows, and it's all because of this book.