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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Jeffrey Millard - Important to consider.First I must say that I never leave reviews for products except for now. I fully enjoy this game and I think that it is worth the money, especially if you have a friend to play with.

    Let's face it, Diablo III has been slammed and hated on like none other. Just by googleing around, you'd think that Blizzard was responsible for starting nuclear war and stealing babies. We've also seen sketchy statistics that aren't published by Blizzard suggesting that everyone who buys the game gives up and stops playing it after 5 minutes. Anyone who has taken a statistics class knows that the publisher of the data can make the numbers appear however they want (if you don't know what I'm talking about, just take a statistics class). Those drop off rates of 65% were based upon internet cafe usage of the game (I repeat and emphasize that this number is not validated by Blizzard). They don't even consider that those who stopped playing at internet cafe's were just sick of changing their password every time they log in from a new IP. There is no information about those who never go to internet cafes which is the vast majority. So don't listen to the statistics that are published by the people who were already going to hate the game before it came out.

    Second, most of the 1-star reviews have to do with people who are angry that the game can only be played online. Most of those people are emotionally wrapped up in their opinion. They are selfishly obsessed about what is convenient for themselves. I've considered all the arguments for and against this policy and I have made a non objective, non emotional, decision. First, the game-play environment needs, needs, needs to be highly controlled and monitored on Blizzard's servers because the game now deals with real money in the auction house (only if you want it to). Imagine if you could just duplicate legendary items and sell them over and over again for $10 each. Blizzard would be looking at some serious legal issues (you can't just duplicate money). The question of whether or not the auction house should have been created is up for debate, but I like it and think t is fun because it helps you build your character the way you want instead of based on pure luck (and you don't have to do real money, you can stick to in-game gold which is what I do). Anyways, you cannot blame Blizzard for protecting their own legal backs. Nor can you blame them for protecting their intellectual property. If you owned a business, you wouldn't want people duplicating and stealing your products either (this point is about common sense, not about good or evil).

    Third, there is a pattern of attacks on products that can shake the market. When Windows XP dominated the market, Microsoft was the devil. When Apple dominates the market with ipads and iphones, they are slammed too (I am personally not a fan of Apple, but I know they make good products and my point is that those who have a strong position will be slandered and crucified by those whose positions are threatened). This is a pattern that is seen over and over in every aspect of social human interaction. The same applies to the position of the U.S. I do not suggest that D3 is the best game on the market. It could be better and there are some things that will probably be fixed in the expansion. However, At the end of the day, my message is to not take the path of least resistance (which is to hate on it for silly reasons) and give the game a chance. Try the free starter edition all the way through; then look up YouTube videos showing some of the cool skills and features of the characters and decide for yourself.

    I think these are things worth considering before buying the game.
  • BEB - Align really worksI bought this for my 88 year old mother-in-law. She has been having a lot of digestive problems and her doctor recommended this. After only one week she noticed a big improvement. She hasn't had any "tummy troubles" since she started taking this.
  • GluedTogether - Excellent program -- renewal of Best Buy purchase issue solvedI originally purchased this program last year with a new laptop from Best Buy. It's an excellent program, well rated and easy to use and understand. With the expiration date approaching, Best Buy started peppering me with reminders to purchase a renewal license, but instead I purchased a CD on Amazon for considerably less. I had an issue in inserting the new code because where a screen should have appeared asking for it, instead I was forwarded to the Best Buy purchase screen. After reading all the Kaspersky help info I could find, I e-mailed them and got a pretty fast reply. The secret? A tiny red "x" next to the license number that I hadn't noticed before. Click it to delete the current code and bring up a screen to enter the new code. I was very pleased with the savings and will certainly look to renew my license the same way next year.
  • Elaine - Eyes Wide Open ..... Finally!I absolutely love this book. If you are not afraid of someone telling you like it is, get this book. It is 10 times better that Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man and a lot easier to read. There is also a fun element. I found myself laughing out loud sometimes. It is also a very tough read when you realise why your relationships don't go anywhere, why you are lied to and cheated on by losers and users. I found myself thinking: "Why did I allow that?" or Why did I not see that? It seems like such common sense". I had to stop at times because so much of it rang true for me. But I appreciated the straight talk. I needed to see all these cues in writing. I wish I had read this book years ago. But now that I have I will be sure to put what I read into practice. I will definitely be getting this book for my niece who turns 18 next year.