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  • Robert Carlberg - Rehabilitating the ParasiteCarl Zimmer, who I knew primarily through his frequent contributions to Discover magazine, is an excellent writer. Not only does his prose guide the reader effortlessly through some pretty difficult science, but he also chooses subjects which are deeply fascinating and brings out points of view which you've probably never considered before.

    "Parasite Rex" is a good case in point. The first several chapters are pretty much what you'd expect -- some case studies, a little history of parasitology, some really gnarly pictures. Then, in the third-to-last chapter, he starts discussing the evolution of parasites and how their numbers and virulence can actually affect the evolutionary success of their hosts.

    In the second-to-last chapter he applies this viewpoint to mankind, and shows how parasitism potentially influenced man's own evolution, including the development of culture, the diaspora out of Africa, and even possibly the creation of language!

    In the last chapter, Zimmer shows how parasite loads are a barometer of species health -- completely opposite of how we normally think of parasites! -- and how a LACK of parasites may have led to the spread of autoimmune diseases in man such as allergies, colitis and Crohn's disease. By the end of the book you're actually rooting for parasites!

    Now THAT is good writing.
  • Dulce - This product is working Excellent for me.Been taking this product for almost a month now and I wanted to wait until I saw some results before posting anything. So far I have lost several inches in my waist and Hip areas and I have been working out, (started out power walking but now doing power fitness classes) and really eating right. For me, It's not so much that this is a miracle pill but it just really helps curb those cravings. It also gives me energy too which I wasn't expecting since I thought it wasn't a stimulant. Nevertheless, I feel Great since I've been on it.