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  • Masewindhu - Injinji liner crew toesocks.These are the perfects socks for people who prefer to not wear their vibram 5 fingers without socks. Especially in the summertime!

    These socks provide excellent wicking, and breatheability, which cuts down on ordor.

    Even if you don't wear the Vibram 5 figers toeshoes, you can wear them with any kind of flipflop sandals, regular open toe sandals, and even chaco's.

    However, if you have the Vibram 5 finger crosstrainers, I recommend the regular, full bodied injinji crew, for adequate comfort and support.
    In other words, these aren't good for running in. But for the usual everday trek, they are perfect.

    They wash great in the wash, and they dry well with low heat tumble drying, or line drying.

    If I were to sum these socks up in three words, they would be comfortable, breatheable, and versitile!
  • Victoria C - Buy this book - it will change your lifeI have been living with Crohn's for over 20 yrs. Almost a year ago I was having a severe Crohn's flair up which included a fistula that would not heal. I was facing Remacaid and Humera as my only options. This book changed all of that. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has any digestive disorder but defiantly as an alternative for someone suffering from Crohn's disease. The fistula healed within two months of starting this diet. I have been following it strictly for almost a year and just had a small bowel follow through that showed substantial improvement. This diet works! I only wish I had known about it before (had 2 past surgeries) but am grateful for finding it now. There is an alternative to the drugs with no side effects and this is it. It does require cooking and changing your diet and lifestyle but if you follow it, you can heal. It has a cookbook with many recipes to start off and there are several good SCD books to add variety to the diet.
  • Richard Schwartz - Breathtaking Photo Book"I believe that your book is as powerful as anything and people need to see it" - Ali MacGraw

    "Frank Bruynbroek's book will be a valuable testament to the human-dog bond for generations to come" - Cesar Millan

    "In photographing rescued dogs Frank Bruynbroek has immersed himself in a project of deep and poignant beauty. Each portrait is a searing guided missile straight to the heart" - William Wegman

    "Frank's book is inspiring, elegant and it elevates our consciousness" - Diane Keaton

    This book is available through Compawssion directly on the Compawssion website.
  • Shala Kerrigan - My whole family likes thisCoffee is the first thing in the morning for my whole family. We take it fairly seriously, trying out new local roasts on a regular basis. The rest of my family likes frothy, foamy, fussy coffee more than I do. They also enjoy tea quite a bit.

    The coffee maker has 2 settings, one for cafe latte, and one just to heat and froth milk in the carafe.

    The carafe needs extra care when being handwashed, since we handwash everything anyway, that's not an issue.

    It's a cafe latte machine, which means instead of making espresso, it makes strong coffee. The instructions recommend 6 Tablespoons of ground coffee for 8 ounces of water. It takes small basket type filters.

    Milk in the carafe:
    Best with low fat or non-fat milk or non-dairy milks. Using the 1%, it foamed up quite a bit. Using soy milk, it did even better. The foam was dense and dessert like, and very smooth. Using chocolate soy milk and a bit of cinnamon you can have a hot chocolate that tastes better than instant in the same amount of time.

    Tea lattes are probably what this will be used for most often. 3 bags of tea for 8 ounces of water is what's recommended. Using a good strong black tea and spice is way to make chai like drinks at home, and they taste fantastic. Put the spice in a reusable muslin tea bag with black tea in the coffee basket, and put sugar and low-fat milk in the carafe.

    It won't be used every day by my family because we all drink excessive amounts of coffee, so a couple cups at a time isn't always practical. However, it will be used regularly for hot chocolate and tea.
  • Pawsitive - I would never go to Europe without Rick!I've been to Europe 5 times now and I plan the entire trip on my own and travel on my own. Rick's books are the best I've found for knowing everything I need to know about the destination. He is down to earth and his recommendations are basic and not foofoo but also not cheap and scary. I follow all of his city tours and use his guide to help pick our hotels and what to do. Seriously, I wouldn't go to Europe without his book!