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  • A. W. Hunt "Andiof the Hunt" - Excllent conspiracy compliationJust because you think someone is following you all the time doesn't mean they aren't. By the same token, just because things don't add up doesn't mean there's a conspiracy, but there might be. The truth is in the facts.

    Brad Meltzer and Keith Ferrell have given us a book about 10 of the most outstanding events of the world, and have given us not just the facts of the case, but have given up facimilies of the important papers related to the mystery.

    Many of these have ben reviewed on Brad Melter's H'story'd Decoded", but beomg able to have the time to examone important papers in yhour own time makes it more real. In fact, the extra papers are enough to purchase the book on it's own.

    While these 10 mysteries are discussed, Meltzer and FErrell leave it to you, the reader, to decide your own truth of the facts.

    Here's hopikng they write about another 10 soon!
  • Cuddle Bug "Loves to read." - Good law--worth the read--this quirky, edgy thriller delivers the crazy. #edgy #thrilling #pageturnerQuirky, edgy thriller that delivers the crazy. I started this late on Thanksgiving Day and the next thing I knew it was 5:00 in the morning and I was plugging in my tablet so I could finish (doncha love the fabulous Kindle apps for every device? Sure, I have a Kindle PaperWhite that I love yet sometimes I like to read on the tablet). Spect the sequel will star Amy as the sociopathic emerging serial-killer that she is on her way to being. Yes, I thought the last several chapters were hurried, and lacked the depth and polish of the rest of the book--that said, this book is one fantastic wild ride. How does the saying go, "H-ll hath no fury like woman scorned?" (or in this case, h-ll hath no fury like an angry, disenchanted wife). You will not regret reading this book, even if you don't love it as much as I did. Think page-turner, thriller, creepy, weird and edgy (and surprising, up to the point where the author reveals what is happening, and still fascinating after that point). Happy reading~*
  • Larry - Ink color changesI had lost my man pen so I borrowed my wife's pen. I have been using it for a couple of months but have found some things that give me cause for some concern. About once a month it begins to get difficult to work with and is downright angry if I may describe it as such. The ink color changes to red and lasts about 5-7 days regardless of when I use it or how. Sometimes when I have an "extra special" use planned the ink will turn red or the notification tab indicates it is turning red even when it doesn't turn red!!! This causes me to use my own personal pen during these difficult times but by now I am used to it. Do you have any advice on how to correct this problem as it is very inconvenient?
  • Sandra Wolanzyk - 55 and feeling 20 years younger as well as 20 lbs lighter.I work in the food industry, and helped a customer select a cut of meat she needed for her diet, I had been thinking that it would be great to loose 20 lbs, but had no success in the past, I always felt to hungry to stick with it for long. This woman was so enthusiastic about the Fast Metabolism Diet, and how much weight her and her husband were loosing and how tasty the meals and snacks were, and most importantly to me, she raved about how much better she felt, and how much more energy she had. I went right home and ordered the book, I was so excited about every thing Haylie had to say that I called my sister, she ordered the book and we did the diet together. What fun that turned out to be, we each made meals and snacks and shared with one another. Our one month is up and I easily lost 17 lbs, my sister did just as well. I put my new metabolism to the test,my husband and i left for vacation a week after my 28 days had concluded, we were doing remote hiking and fishing in the extreme wilderness, so the type of food we ate was packed full of carbs and fat, not a veggie in site. I thought oh no, I'm sure to gain weight after this, but after returning home and checked my weight, I hadn't gained an ounce. I'm so happy to have energy again to participate in fun activities, and feel like I can eat "like a normal person." I have been telling so many people about this new way of eating, and what it can do for you, I just want people to feel as good as I do now. Thank you Haylie for your Fast Metabolism Diet.
  • Indigo Ink "glows in the dark..." - Every Year!The last several years I have gotten the We'Moon date book and it's so amazing. The artwork, the poetry, the stories. As a date book it's excellent, a good amount of room per day to write in, moon phases and astrological information. I ordered and received the spiral bound, I checked the ISBN numbers before I ordered since there were some reviews stating they received the unbound version.