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  • Michele at WineDirectSolutions "michele_rennie" - soon to be an HBO mini-seriesI could not put this book down -- I was totally intrigued by the deception, rivalry and competition in Henery VIII's court! I enjoyed this book more than Wolf Hall as I (as other readers have mentioned) found it difficult to follow who was speaking in the first novel. This second book in the saga, moves closer to Cromwell and we see him more compassionate, more calculating and more entrenched with his role as lawyer and prosecutor as he builds a case to bring about what the king wants. We also are aware, as he is, that his position with the king is tenuous and one false step may be his fall from the king's grace. Which of course is what the third book will be all about. I can't wait for the mini-series to have all the characters in full costume of the times.
  • Acute Observer - The Taxpayer's Reference GuideJ.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2012: For Preparing Your 2011 Tax Return, J.K. Lasser Institute

    There are two reasons to read this book. 1) You are preparing a paper return and wish to learn more that what is printed in the IRS "Forms and Instructions". 2) You want to read and learn more than what you get from a tax preparer or computer program. Since your economic activities have tax consequences you should read or browse the relevant sections of this book as it applies to you. Some ignore the tax consequences until its too late. Since most people don't have tax lawyers, and may not be able to get advice on a telephone, or even from the Internet, you need to reference this book as needed. Do not be afraid of the size of this book as most people will not need all chapters. Pages xxv to xxvii has "What's New for 2011".

    Part 1 "Filing Basics" discusses filing status. Part 2 "Reporting Your Income" discusses wages, salary, other compensation; fringe benefits; dividend and interest income; reporting property sales, tax free exchanges of property; retirement and annuity income; IRAs; income from rents and royalties, loss restrictions; other income. Part 3 "Claiming Deductions" discusses deductions allowed for adjusted gross income; standard or itemized deductions; charitable contribution deductions; itemized deductions for interest; deductions for taxes; medical and dental expenses; casualty and theft losses; job costs and miscellaneous expenses; travel and entertainment expenses; personal exemptions. Part 4 "Personal Tax Computations" tells how to figure your taxes; AMT; "Kiddie Tax" on child's investment income; personal tax credits; tax withholding; and estimated tax payments.

    Part 5 "Tax Planning" Chapters 28 through 39 should be read by everyone. Part 6 "Business Tax Planning" Chapters 40 through 45 is important for the self-employed. Part 7 "Filing Your Return and What Happens After You File" Chapters 46 through 48 tells what happens after you file. Chapter 47 tells how to file a refund claim or an amended return. [The easiest way to fill in a 1040X is to fill in the new 1040 and then copy the information to the 1040X.] Chapter 48 discusses the possibility of an IRS tax audit so you may be informed and prepared. Chapter 48.11 tells about "Suing the IRS for Unauthorized Collection"! The `Glossary' is on pages 779 to 784. The `Index' is on pages 785 to 816. IRS Publication 17 is available for free.

    Class and sectional differences make politics, and politics make the tax code. The tax code is the scorecard of the winners and losers. [Today's income taxes fall more heavily on wage earners compared to the 1862, 1893, and 1916 income tax codes.] You can learn about this history by reading the "Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Your Taxes: An Easy-to-Understand, Easy-to-Use Primer That Takes the Mystery Out of Your Taxes".
  • Kelsey - Great strollerI purchased this stroller several months ago, and it has been the best baby product purchase thus far. In fact, my sister went and bought the same stroller; she now has her sister-in-law ready to purchase it as well. It has replaced my Babytrend jogger stroller except when I actually go out and run as I wouldn't recommend jogging with the B-Agile.

    Here's why I love this stroller:
    It is really a breeze to fold up and lift-while carrying a baby!
    I love that I can easily push the stroller with one hand and turn the stroller with one hand.
    I take really long strides and never kick the curved bar between the back wheels.
    This stroller spent a week in Florida, and could withstand the beach for long walks.
    It folds up nicely and fits easily into my closet and car.
    It is easily adjustable; it fits newborns to children 55lbs. You can increase/decrease the incline in seconds.
    There is ample storage under the stroller and in the attached pouch.
    The umbrella is HUGE!
    It is comfortable for my baby.

    I haven't used many strollers, but everyone who has plenty of stroller practice agrees that this is the best stroller they have used.
  • LCinTO - This is a profound bookThis is a profound book. Which is actually sad because Bolles' principles should be part of our regular teaching, and they are not. So, when we find ourselves in the void resulting from lack of an education we should have had all along, thank god this book is around. I found myself in that void 20 years ago, read the book, followed the instructions, and found my dream job. Then, last year, I found it was time for a change, read the book, followed the instructions, and found my next dream job. Really, the amount of joy attainable from a job for which you are made is astounding. Bolles' book can be the key that opens the door to years of joy at work for anyone. One of the most life-changing books I've ever read.
  • C. Robinson "JinxCAR" - The perfect sequel to Atlas ShruggedAyn Rand's The Fountainhead starts with the words, "Howard Roark laughed." Her Atlas Shrugged began with "Who is John Galt?" This, Rand's long lost novel, begins with the auspicious "10097". From this, she quickly moves into her main point: the struggle of evens versus odds, primes versus non-primes, light against darkness, and most importantly A versus non-A. As you read this book, you will find yourself immersed in a realm of pure abstraction, as you witness the struggle of the good (which I suspect are the evens, but maybe I'm wrong) against evil. You will watch the "prime" movers change the course of destiny. If you loved when Howard Roark was on the elevator of his building with Dominique in the Fountainhead; if you loved when John Galt made the sign of the dollar in Atlas Shrugged, then you will love when . . . no, I can't ruin this for you. Bravo Rand.