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  • The Man - Complete Makeover For the USMLE Step 1 Classic.Anyone preparing for the USMLE Step 1 exam knows that "First Aid For the USMLE Step 1" is a must have. While it is not intended as a stand alone review book it aids your review by narrowing your focus to the most frequently tested areas of the exam.

    The folks at the First Aid Team have outdone themselves with this edition. The color images that used to be tucked towards the end of the the book in previous editions have now been well integrated into the main text where they really belong. But that's not all. There are many colored diagrams, graphs and illustrations that makes learning a lot more fun. This is a really colorful book now. Tremendous amount of work must have gone into this edition for sure.

    Now as far as the actual content is concerned there is not much of update from 2011 edition. The margin notes and blanks are gone in this edition but there are still plenty of white spaces left toward the end of each chapter for notes. The paper is still high quality glossy bond that can withstand highlighting without smears.

    Final note: if you are already far in your studies and have previous edition there is no need to rush and upgrade especially if you have already added lots of notes to it. But if you're just starting out 2012 "First Aid for the USMLE Step 1" is the one you need.
  • msmithunr - It was time.I was still running Windows Vista on my HP Touchsmart PC. I was worried that I would lose the Touch Smart software when I installed Windows 8. Well, I was correct but the Touch Smart software was there so the user could perform tasks via the touch screen. With Windows 8 being designed for tablets and touch screen PC's I don't even miss the software I lost. I was able to download Windows Media Center from Microsoft for free with some promotion they were having and I absolutely love it.
  • Bruno "Bruno" - Funny, pointed, and backed up by facts, just like I like it.Ann Coulter doesn't pull punches. She doesn't care how you feel about what she thinks. I bought this book figuring I'd disagree with a lot of it, since she's so anti-liberal she must let her beliefs cloud her sense of judgement. Much to my surprise, I found that she really has her stuff together, she knows her facts, and she has the ability to cut through the cloud of junk that obscures many issues and makes it crystal clear. I found her columns on the Elian Gonzales fiasco the most informative thing I have read in years. And she backed it up with her knowledge of the law and the facts of the case. Wow.

    Even if you don't agree with her politics, her writing style is great and it's fun read. She could use a better editor, though, some of the technical aspects of her writing are too conversational in structure and hard to read at times.
  • Shotgun Method - A hard-bitten, cynical, and disturbing masterpiece.Pink Floyd's rock opera The Wall represents the beginning of creative rifts between bassist and leader Roger Waters and the rest of the band. From the very beginning, Waters was calling the shots for this album, writing the vast majority of the songwriting and lyrics, and handling most of the vocals. Waters' ego would eventually destroy the band. Richard Wright left the band right in the midst of The Wall, David Gilmour retained the Pink Floyd name after a harsh legal battle, and the band struggled on without Waters through two far-flung albums, neither of which matched their previous output. However, unlike The Final Cut (which for all intents and purposes was a Waters solo album), The Wall benefits from some Gilmour involvement. His melodic lyrics on The Thin Ice, Mother, Goodbye Blue Sky, and Comfortably Numb make a welcome contrast against Waters' anguished and bitter voice and keep The Wall from being a one-sided affair. And of course who can forget Gilmour's transcendent guitar playing throughout? His mind-blowing solo on Comfortably Numb will go down as one of the great moments in rock history. I feel that The Wall, despite its strong Waters bias, is perhaps their best album. Conceptually this album was the tightest Pink Floyd effort. The only true way to listen to The Wall is as an entire piece, not as singles. Musically, this album is very different from the post-psychedelia of Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here, relying less on synthesizers and soundscapes and more on traditional rock instrumentation along with Michael Kamen's orchestration. The Wall's story is embittered, angry, and disturbing, filled with Waters' trademark cynicism and political criticism (though not nearly as scathing as Waters' solo albums). The story of Pink's life and mental breakdown is compelling and frightening. Waters was at his undisputed peak lyrically throughout, and despite the internal disputes the rest of the band is in prime form. Highlights of this album: The blustery, aggressive opener of In The Flesh?, the legendary Another Brick In The Wall I-III, the sarcastic acoustic ballad Mother, the arena rocker Young Lust, the scary One Of My Turns, the eerie and dark Hey You, the absolutely amazing Comfortably Numb, and the driving melody of Run Like Hell. Pink's story comes to a decisive finish with The Trial and Outside The Wall. If you are a musophile, you probably have this album already. If you don't it is absolutely imperative to add The Wall to your list of future purchases. It's a true experience, ranking right up there next to The Who's Quadraphenia as the best rock opera and perhaps one of the Top 10 greatest rock albums ever.
  • B. Hansen "Nick Family" - Heard a lot of buzz about Garcinia Cambogia!I was standing in line the other day at Starbucks and I heard two people talking about Dr. Oz and his endorsement of Garcinia Cambogia. I had to do more research! After learning that it was the most safe and effective herbal diet aid on the market, I had to buy some. Dynamic Nutrition's Garcinia Cambogia Extract has already helped me lose five pounds in the first couple weeks of taking it. They recommend that you take it for at least 60 days, but I'm already so excited I had to write this review. Plus, the pills are vegetarian, which is so hard to find in any supplement. Nothing curbs my hunger like this stuff. Highly recommended!