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  • Lori Rehage - Best Product purchasedThe Tagg Pet Tracker is the BEST product I have purchased in a LONG time. My pet has a bad habit of somehow escaping from our privacy fenced back yard. She does have a collar with her name and contact information on it, but it once took 3 hours to have someone find her and call us. She has gotten out once since the Pet Tracker has been on her collar and the notifications led me straight to her within 5 minutes.
  • Dennis Cejka - Pocket with a punchThis is a Nurse's Drug Guide for the seasoned nurse on the front-line, not for the novice. So far as I have seen, it is quite up to date and accurate. The nursing "shorthand" takes a bit of getting used to when one has been accustomed to "hyper" and "hypo" being written out in other, less concise drug guides.
  • Samantha - I love this pan!Bought one of these at an As Seen on TV store to give it a try. I was afraid the commercial would be a lie but was very pleasantly surprised. After seasoning the pan I used it to cook some Italian sausage. Normally I'd have sausage crumbs burnt onto the pan.. but with the Orgreenic pan.. he sausage literally SLID out of the pan. Al I had to do was tip it and everything slid out. Cleanup couldn't have been easier. I'm buying more as soon as I find a 12inch skillet with lid.