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  • abdmarc - Not just for pillowsMiddle aged? Hot flashes, night sweats, hot August nights? I don't use it in my pillow case, I lay it even with my upper body and roll over on it in the middle of those uncomfortable episodes. If you're patient and make sure to get all the air out as the instructions say, it works great. If your not patient, then you will only get temporary coolness which is still a big help (then move off it to let it cool down again). My first one lasted about a year before getting a small leak. My second one has lasted nearly a year. I couldn't sleep without it. I rest my arm on it when my tendonitis is at it's worst and get some relief from that also.
  • Sophia Hogan - Bought it for my dad for Father's DayMy dad wasn't quite Apple ready but he found this tablet a perfect fit and easy to use. Very happy with this product and my dad didn't have to learn a whole new system.
  • Lorraine Ochoa "MommyWoman" - Bare Escentuals Beats the RestI am 43 years old and I used to use a department store brand of makeup (parodied on Mad TV as Vancome) for many years before trying Bare Escentuals. I now use nothing but B.E. makeup and I use just about all of its various products. I used to have rosacea prone skin with mild acne & chicken pox (!) scars all over my face. I tried the foundation and the Mineral Veil and lo and behold, my skin cleared up and became lovely! The only time I break out now is when I don't wear my makeup.

    Once I quit trying to over-think the application of the different minerals (from foundations to eye shadows and liners) and simply 'Swirled, Tapped and Buffed', applying the stuff became second nature.

    I convinced my 16 year old daughter to try it and she is a sworn devotee as her formerly acne-crazed skin cleared up almost immediately. My youngest sister with the world's most sensitive skin has also become a sworn convert. We are both huge fans of the Rare Minerals Night Treatment; to our delight, it actually shrinks large pores, as well as a multitude of other benefits.

    I live in the desert (Tucson, AZ) and makeup that can withstand the elements, sweating, humidity from the approaching monsoons and other horrors thrown at us in the summer is a must...and Bare Escentuals fits the bill. There is no 'mask sliding down your face' sensation, and the Mineral Veil is fantastic at absorbing excess oils and touching up during the day.
    I cannot say enough good things about this entire line of cosmetics, including their 'Eye Revver-Upper' moisturizer because this stuff all lives up to the claims they make. The people at the company will even return your calls if you need any help at all.

    Amazing Products and Astounding Customer Service. It is the company that all the others are now trying to imitate with their own 'mineral based' cosmetics!

    I'll quit raving now, just try it and you'll be happy!
  • Cincinatus77 - Superb Study of Men in Battle by an Expert Storyteller!Ralph Peters has done it again and crafted a compelling story of combat that is a "must read" exposition for anyone interested in the tumultuous Battle of Gettysburg. Ralph's clear and incisive style of writing grips you from the first page to the last. As you read this book, you ARE at Gettysburg and you SEE the battle through the eyes of dramatic fictional characters as well as the most significant historical characters of the fight -- including Longstreet, Hunt, Meade and Lee. Leadership, courage, sacrifice, tactics, fear and cowardice are all here, ready for you to witness. "Cain at Gettysburg" is a riveting read and a superb battle study of men in combat by an expert story teller. -- Review by Colonel John Antal, US Army (Retired)