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  • Francis Tapon - Worth every penny! Length:: 2:11 Mins

    I've installed it without a hitch. The software interviews you to help you fill out the will and other legal documents.

    I've attached a video of the unboxing.

    The installation and use of the software couldn't be easier. One feature I love is that it remembers every name you input. So the next time you begin to type the first couple of letters, it instantly fills everything else out, including other info about them if necessary (their address, phone #, etc.). Big time saver.

    The interview process is super clear and easy. No lawyer-speak. There's instant help throughout the process. I'm no lawyer and this was a breeze.

    In just over one hour, I did all this:

    Your Will
    Your Health Care Directive.
    Health Care Power of Attorney
    Living Will
    Your Final Arrangements
    Documents for Your Executor
    Information for Caregivers and Survivors
    Personal Finance Documents
    Home & Family Documents

    It's helped me do this right before my 3-year trip to Africa.
  • dave mclaughlin - Great bookVery helpful. Has everything you need. My Doctor recommended it. I recently got diabetes and it is very helpful. It even has restaraunt foods in it so if you go to eat out, The book is small to keep on hand. The print is small.
  • Vincent A. Pasqualetto - Great Product, Does what is says very effectively and what appears to be very safelyWe have used the baby vac several times and our 7 week old baby does not fuss. She would scream when we tried to used the bulb, and the bulb had issues extracting her mucus. The Baby vac easily sucks it right out. We have had to give it a little hand once, but I don't think that I would want it to suck too hard anyhow. It is very gentle, and even if you put your finger (or any part of the baby's body or clogged nose) over the inlet it does not clamp down.