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  • Ellie - It works !I bought this product almost 3 months ago and I am happy with it. It really works on the dark hairs and best candidates ( which are people with dark hair color)! So it didn't work on my face with blond hairs. Another issue is that I had to use the product almost 6 times to get a good result. Which means I may need more cartridge for my entire body! However it comes with an extra cartridge that is still unopened in my case. In general, it is effective and made me happy because it really eliminated 95 percent of my unwanted hairs in the parts that I used it. And to be honest compare to the price of the clinics it is really affordable. It didn't hurt at all and was easy to work with.
  • Chacha - Good!Excellent agenda for those who need to organize appointments from jobs or doctors and spells!!!

    It came very fast, when I saw it, it's more than an agenda. You're gonna find, spells, info about a festivity. What color it's good to wear everyday, moon phases. It's very complete.
  • William - Awesome buyThe 2011 PMR was a great buy to start playing again after a 10 year hiatus from the sport. It has all of the features a more expensive marker would come with, like a fully adjustable trigger, multiple tournament firing modes (PSP, and Millineum) and Full auto as well as semi. It has a 15 bps cap on the modes. The only drawback to this marker, which is forgivable since I play at fields that supply all day air, is that it IS a gas hog. After the break in period ( 1 case of paint) and purchasing the TechT L7 H.E lightweight bolt (highly recommend for your Reflex Rail, or PMR!) I receive about 750 shots from a 50cc/4500 psi ninja hpa. So if you are playing woodsball in the middle of nowhere without all day air, you may want to consider buying a larger tank, such as a 68/4500. GOOD JOB DYE/PROTO FOR MAKING A GREAT AFFORDABLE MARKER.

    Thanks for reading!
  • S. Veronica - Best Piece of Plastic I OwnI resisted buying this toy for about a month because I refused to purchase more plastic crap for my two month old. Our house is already swimming in it! I caved when I saw how much fun my son had kicking things on his other activity mat. I initially looked to buy one used, but couldn't find one - which I took to mean that people who buy these, keep them. A few weeks later, man am I glad I bought this. My son adores it and delights in kicking the keyboard and checking himself out in the mirror. I enjoy watching him squeal with pleasure. I have high hopes the toy will keep up with his development and he will use the keyboard in the sitting position too. If your kid likes to kick things - this is the toy for you.
  • Rebecca Haden - Just Enough UpdateWe use QuickBooks for a small business and we have a CPA do our taxes, so we probably could do without upgrading every year. This year, it's worthwhile. The 2013 version has the same expanded interface that was introduced in 2012, keeping customer info visible as you work. It allows you to attach proposals, receipts, and other documents to invoices to help keep data together, and it makes it easy to upload data from spreadsheets. These additions allow you to integrate data more easily, and are a big help for a small business.

    Also helpful: batch invoicing. If you have a number of customers using the same services, you can send all their invoices at once, for a significant time savings.

    The other new features are a quicker way to reconcile your bank statements with QuickBooks and a new payment option with the Intuit Payment Network.

    The look of the interface is a bit different, but workflow is consistent, so there was no real learning curve. If QuickBooks is new to you, though, you'll like the video lessons and Guide Me feature.

    Installation could not be easier, and existing data is transferred automatically.

    As usual, it's a quality, user friendly product.