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  • J. M. Hart "cwahmjill" - Great Start To a New SeriesThe Testing is a great, fast-paced dystopian YA novel. It centers around Malencia "Cia" Vale as she graduates and is selected for the testing. What she doesn't know is that the testing is nothing like what she's been dreaming of all these years. It's brutal and she'll have to do things she never dreamt of in order to even make it through the testing alive.

    Great writing, great characters - this book is a winner.
  • AZgoodbooks "mikesimons" - Proof positive - the SCD works!I have been on this regimen for three years. During this time I have been drug and symptom free. A year and half ago I posted the following review, which is even more dramatic proof now: After a year and a half on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I finally followed my gastroenterologist's request to get a colonoscopy. After all, it had been over four years since the last time anyone had given me any sort of exam of the gut, and 18 years with Crohns. My doc said "We got all the way to the cecum. No evidence at all of Crohns. No scars. No inflammation. Nothing. You look completely normal." This dietary modification is far better than a drug-induced remission for me because even in past drug-induced 'remissions' my past exams have showed indication of disease. Now there are no drugs, no side effects. I believe this diet is a superior way to bring on a controlled remission.This book guides the patient through the process of understanding their illness, describing the research that contributed to creating the diet, how to start the diet, what foods can be added and when. The book also contains valuable a list of links to "SCDiet" resources and online support groups that are available over the Internet.
  • L. Kiernan - Worked like a charmLike most people we have to buy new pillows periodically or our necks start to hurt. I also toss and turn a lot at night, constantly changing position. I am always trying to find the "cool" spot on a pillow. Recently, my husband was again complaining that his neck was stiff each morning when he awoke and hurt all day. We decided to try "mypillow." Once it arrived, you have to put it in the dryer for 15 minutes before using. The morning after the first night he used it he was amazed that his neck didn't hurt at all! Neither did mine and I found I didn't toss and turn all night looking for a comfortable or cool pillow placement. We love this thing and it was worth the price. By the way, it really isn't that pricey. With the "mypillow" code discount, the price is about what you would pay for a decent pillow in the store.
  • Sean M. Ragan - A Fantastic BookThis and the companion volume, Where There is No Dentist, provide great practical grass-roots solutions to the problem of rising health care costs. As you might guess, Where There Is No Doctor and Where There is No Dentist, people practice proactive prevention instead of reactive treatment. Certainly it is good to live in a country where Doctors and Dentists abound, but they are expensive, and preventitive living is healthy living. Following the advice in these books won't just save you medical bills; it'll make you a healthier and better person all around. My highest recommendation...