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  • K. Huller "Karen Huller, Resume Writer/Career... - A lot of inspiration and eye-opening dataI, of course, had my own personal experiences with how bias and gender roles play out in the workplace. I was resigned to play into the existing paradigm, even when I started working for myself. I was a work – at – home mommy, I felt I had a challenge in overcoming perceptions about dependability. I am a social media strategist, but my choice in lifestyle leaves me with not as much time as my competition to engage in social media. I have definitely had feelings of guilt and inferiority around how much I am supposed to be "networking," both online and off-line. The stories and data In this book have given me greater reason to feel confident about my choice, and to be unapologetic about it. It inspired me to be a more vocal advocate of equality in the workplace, and made me realize that I'm in a greater position to advocate than previously thought as a career coach.
  • J. Kaye Oldner "Judith" - Christian ThrillerKISS is the second book I've read where Ted Dekker co-authored. The first, THE HOUSE, was more of a horror, where as this one was a thriller. This book ranks a five out of five for one reason. I began reading KISS at 8:30 PM and didn't stop until I was done. I promised myself I'd never stay up late to finish a book, but couldn't put it down. There were no dry spots for me in the story. No place for me to pause. When each chapter ended, I wanted to know more. I had to know more.

    The prologue opens with Shauna McAllister and brother, Rudy, in Dr. Ayers's office. She is planning to confront her father who is a Senator running for the presidency. After the confrontation, both are in an auto accident. When she awakes from a coma, she has no memory of the past six months. Drugs were found in her car and in her apartment, plus brother has suffered brain damage.

    The ground work has been laid out for her to start over, but she can't let the past go. There are too many unanswered questions and she wants to make things right again. What she doesn't understand is that if she remembers, she's dead.

    Dekker has the gift of writing with such intensity. The genre is listed under Christian suspense, but the message of God doesn't weight down the story.
  • Antony Rosellini - Amazing T.V. Better than Panasonic PlasaOk so buying a T.V. can be maddening. There are a lot of choices out there. I have looked at massive reviews both professional and customer. I went into the store to buy the new Panasonic 55 St60. Cnet gave this Panasonic it's highest recommend. So with me excited about purchasing this T.V., watching Blu-ray's, playing video games (which is very important to me) and seeing some awesome technology my wife turned my day upside down. She started pointed to this television which was next to the Panny. Then I played with the remote and used the Picture Wizard II which is a self help calibration tool that should be the standard for all televisions. I kid you not I had this set looking better than any T.V. in the store. Other customers noticed and even the employees were a little taken aback. So we purchased it. After two weeks I was having remorse because every review is talking about the St60 Panasonic. So I was going to return it but my wife again stepped in lol. And people she has never really cared about what the picture looks like. Especially to those of us who do the research and want the Best. Period. Tonight I thanked her and told her she had an eye for a great picture. I talked my Dad into buying the Panasonic St50 last year and we were over today watching it. Great T.V. don't get me wrong. But here is the deal..
    The colors Pop on this LG. When you calibrate it and please play with the settings and use the PICTURE WIZARD the blacks are black, the white's are white and the Contrast is near perfect. Video Games look amazing and no BLUR. Blu-ray's are jaw dropping. And I had a 2008 Sony XBR LCD that looked good. This blows it away.
    Smart T.V. is huge for us. We were using the PS3 for Vudu, Amazon, etc. Now we stream right from the television. And the LG's smoke the competition when it comes to using this feature. We just finished Game of Thrones in HDX and amazing picture. Also the update feature is key. You can either manually do it or you have the option to do automatic updates. Sweet Feature for us. So if you want a smart T.V. go look at the reviews on the LG's.
    Sound: This television has the best sound on the market. Period. We have it on 6 or 8 for regular TV and 13 to 14 for movies. It goes much, much higher than that. No Sound Bar required unless that's a must for you. Amazing sound.
    4 HDMI Ports. This is VERY important for someone like myself. Cable box, Ps3, Xbox 360, and Wii-U. So many televisions even in 2013 only come with three ports. so the 4th port was huge.
    So: I'm not trying to talk anyone out of buying a Panasonic Plasma. They are a sweet television in my opinion. Sweet. But I surprised myself and other people when they see this picture. My dad is bummed because he likes the Pop of Contrast colour's this T.V. turns out. The plasma's are amazing at getting that true black I love it. However when looking at these two Televisions side by side, the Plasma looked a little greyed out compared to this.
    It really comes down of course to what do you like. What are your needs and what benefit does the T.V. your buying have to meet those. And of course does it look great watching it. This television is AMAZING and priced great. For those reviews of those who have had problems I'm sorry. As consumers we are all rolling the dice and it's unfortunate to me. My opinion is every store should honor a two year or one year return policy no questions asked. The reason is technology is moving so fast that the life-span is not long and they are all tempermental. Burn in issues, power block problems, etc, etc. We should not have to suffer as consumers when we are all basically beta-testers while they make more advanced sets. AKA 4K which has arrived already. So when we spend our hard earned money on these fun Toy's at least when they fail switch them out and take care of us as customers.
    So Glad my Wife put her foot down on this television. Great buy you won't be disappointed I hope. Good luck I hope this review helps.