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  • Fred W Hood "barbara377" - Out of 1000 Amazon ratings - near 900 is Wow!Not that already there are not terrific reviews! But for an old guy whose been writing a long time and read most of Stephen King "On Writing", Ann Lamott's "Bird By Bird", Natalie Goldberg "On Writing the Bones", THIS ONE is TOPS! When one of my daughters showed me hers and we compared it with Ann Lamott and Others...I was totally convinced! These suggested 12 weeks of "Recovering: Identity, Power, Faith, Strength, Integrity, Compassion, Etc. were enough to twist both arms into a Newness of Beginning! When I saw her list of Basic Principles with, "Creativity is the natural order of Life, just as Life is pure energy; As we open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the Creator's Creativity within us..." All of her listing of 10 Basic Principles were clearly pictured by one to four creators on each page, such as Louis Armstrong, Brahms, Einstein, Duke Ellington, Erik Fromm, Paulding, Picasso, Pasteur, Tolstoy and recently Kristin Stendhal! From Musicians to Artists to Psycho-Scientists to Theologians! Wherever one fits in there is still more room for creativity. Only one superb example: When we answer this 'call' to creativity, "we set in motion the principle that C. G. Jung dubbed 'synchronicity' as he loosely defined is a fortuitous intermeshing of events!" Great wording, right? When I get over into that great Not-Yet-Life, I'm going to check this all out with the Duke, Jung, Tolstoy, Johannes Brahms, et all!
    Retired Chaplain Fred W. Hood
  • Michael M. Moore - Transformer Prime 64 GBThis unit I put together for a friend, after they saw mine working. This is an outstanding unit for portable use including being a great book reader. I still use my desktop computer, but now do a lot with my outstanding tablet. Some of the Android phone applications still only work in the portrait orientation, but that will improve once the application writers step up to the new Android 4+ operating system that supports both tablets and phones.
  • msmithunr - It was time.I was still running Windows Vista on my HP Touchsmart PC. I was worried that I would lose the Touch Smart software when I installed Windows 8. Well, I was correct but the Touch Smart software was there so the user could perform tasks via the touch screen. With Windows 8 being designed for tablets and touch screen PC's I don't even miss the software I lost. I was able to download Windows Media Center from Microsoft for free with some promotion they were having and I absolutely love it.
  • Gadgeteer E - It's like having Joe right beside youCouldn't catch Joe on the Flash Bus, so I guess the DVD is a cheaper way for me to attend his workshops. If you're McNally fan as I am, and read his books (The Moment it Clicks, Hot Shoe Diaries etc.) -- the contents of the DVD should be familiar to you: what it does is it walks you through the steps and concepts, and shows you what a book could not: action. The presentation is simple enough, and anyone who's comfortable with camera controls and using other than program exposure mode - should grasp the content and laugh along with Joe as he trudges on. David Hobby even appears as a Pizza Delivery man during an intermission, when Joe was fiddling with TTL exposure - while David Hobby set everything back to manual mode on the flashes, to nail the shot.

    The DVD content is similar to the Nikon CLS video where McNally also does the walk through, though this time more examples. Some may say it's a lot of mullah for two DVD's, but given the distance, it's the next best thing to being stateside and sitting in his seminar.
  • Regina Lee - Excellent productI have had my NoNo for a while now. I used to need to use it several times a week...then less and less i use it two or three times a month. It is GREAT. I no longer have those dark or noticable long hairs on my face. I do not even think about them any more...I just get out my NoNo and they are gone at the first sign of them. Very easy to travel's case is small and neat. I do recomend this product...often.