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  • Dane owner - Great Book!!!GREAT INFO~~Easy diet to follow and not just for the 28 days but forever. I have struggled with my weight for 10 years and no matter how much I worked out at the gym with cardio and heavy weight lifting I couldn't lose fat. I am strong as ever but still the blubber persisted. I am only in my second week on the program but 6 pounds down with little effort. I eat the foods she says and exercise the way she requires which is pretty minimal compared to how I usually work out. You will LOVE this book if you have done it all and it isn't working.
  • Mae - Expensive but it worked for meI'm so glad I found this product. After weeks and weeks of girl medical problems and 5 rounds of antibiotics, I decided to give this a try. On my 3rd bottle. It has totally taken care of my problem. I plan to keep using it. My Dr was surprised, but said she had heard of other patients using this successfully.
  • B. Marble - For Hardcore Hair-ResurrectionistsI first found out about this stuff after attempting to bleach several year's worth of black dye out of my naturally blonde hair (no one who knows what they're talking about will ever recommend that you try this, myself included). I had managed to get it to yellow-blonde but I'd gone too fast, managed to burn a lot of my hair off with chemicals (bleaching should be done every few weeks at most, not twice in one week (never again)) and what remained was in a state of near-breakage. I didn't even touch it for fear of it all falling off like some poorly plotted after school special about the horrors of alternative hair color.

    After Aphogee, my hair didn't magically turn into long glistening silky locks of awesome but I'd have to be totally naive to expect that level of transformation. Here's what happened: it stopped breaking off when I brushed and/or styled it, it was strong enough to feel like real hair again (as opposed to like spiderwebs) and it looked okay while I grew it into something less off-putting than my chemical pixie cut.

    The only major fault that I can think of is that it's supposed to be "FOR PROFESSIONAL SALON USE ONLY" (says this right on the bottle), so a lot of people are probably using it when they don't need it. This is something that a stylist would use if you have severely damaged hair. And they'd use a deep conditioner afterward, that part is really essential.

    If your hair feels like melty cotton candy when it's wet, use this. If you can grab a thick section of your hair, then pull on the last inch or so and it breaks off in your hands clean across, use this. If your hair has been bleached white and won't hold hair color at all, use this. If your hair's a little dry and could stand to be in better shape... just get a deep conditioner 'cause this will likely do more harm than good.

    Note: I don't care what this is made out of. It could be 100% pure crushed-up baby unicorns and I'd still recommend it because it WORKS.
  • S. M. Petrus - Clearest skin I've had in years!!My skin was never really that bad, I had the occasional breakouts which always seemed to be in the same spots, and that never completely went away, I have a ton of scars on my cheeks from said breakouts. But after I switched to the oil cleansing method as a more natural approach It ruined my skin. My face broke out in a way I had never seen and nothing could fix it!! I tried everything!!! Literally. After using this for 2 weeks my skin got really dry and flaky so as directed I reduced the treatment to once a day, didn't use it on the dry areas around my mouth an nose and didn't let my face dry out completely between steps (as is indicated in the directions). It has been 6 weeks now and my face is so clear! It is even making my scars less visible. I'm 32 and just so sick of breakouts so I'm happy I finally found something that could help. My skin has never been this clear. It still breaks out monthly due to hormones but other than that it looks amazing.

    My advice, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!! If your skin gets really dry, reduce the treatment and don't use it on your dry irritated skin. Let your skin adjust. Put the moisturizer on while your skin is still a little damp and mix some jojoba oil in with it if you have to. Don't just write it off because you overdry your face. Find the balance that works right for your skin! Good Luck!