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  • Alice Pulsipher - Don't go without this!these chairs are amazing. Especially if you live in a small home or apartment. we actually bought a second one when we had another baby (they are 9 months apart, yea I know!) these chairs clean really easy with just a wet rag, they are sturdy and I would even trust them to hold my weight on the table. And it hey come apart easily for a more thorough washing in the washer. I highly recommend!!!
  • Jessica Weissman "poet and computer programmer" - Just do itIf you don't have a will and medical power of attorney and so on, download this right now and make them. If you die without a will you won't be around to see the mess that results, but your family is going to have a huge mess on their hands.

    Seriously. Even if you're in your invulnerable 20s, accidents happen. My family had to deal with a brother who died with no will, and it took a long time to straighten stuff out.

    There is no better or more comprehensive tool for creating a will and attendant documents, including instructions for your survivors, than WillMaker. Sure, you can find forms on the Internet for most of these things (will, power of attorney, medical power of attorney, living will, etc) but if your time is worth anything to you, just buy this package and save a few hours.

    New this year is a section in the instructions to survivors concerning digital assets. You can, if you want, tell them where to find your passwords for email accounts and online banking and such.

    The software is very nicely done, and guides you through creating and printing all the documents. Docs print with instructions on how to get them signed and what needs to be notarized and so on.

    The only drawback is that Nolo makes each edition obsolete in about 18 months, and requires you to pay for an update.

    But if you want to handle these important end of life matters ahead of time, and your situation isn't very unusual, and if you don't live in Louisiana, you can't go wrong.

    Buy this now, prepare the documents, and spare your survivors a lot of trouble and expense.
  • Clare - ComfortableThese are really comfortable running shoes. Usually I have trouble finding a shoe with the heel deep enough to accommodate my orthotics but these are great, my heel doesn't feel like it's going to pop out at all. I usually wear a AA width but these fit narrow and I'm quite comfortable in the B width. I've washed them in washing machine and then air dried them and they still fit perfectly. A really good shoe.