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  • forge - So obvious!This is why men have dominated the work force for so long. Pens are made for men! It's right there, plain as day. All we did was hide the 'i' in Penis. Same shape, and in many cases same length!

    If women truly want to differentiate themselves in the writing utensil department, they need to design a Vagna.

    I'm just not sure how it would be shaped...
  • cmlfitness - Great product, great customer service experienceI started with this product because obviously I wanted to loose weight. When I started, I was asked if I was interested in becoming a promoter of the product. At that time, I kindly declined. I felt that I first had to try the product and see for myself how I liked it. And I took different avenues to try not only the product but also the customer service department since that's another area that I read a lot of negative reviews about. So, here is my experience.
    1. The works.. no its not a magic drink that will automatically shed the pounds while you sit there and continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle. What the product does is make you more aware of your calorie intake while still giving you energy to become more active.
    2. The Gas.. I don't know why but it did start out that way... But I took it as my body adjusting, and as I continued with the shakes... The gas went away.
    3. Customer Service... I also started the vita pak. When I received my first shipment, one of the gel pills in some of the packs had busted. I am assuming from the dessert heat. I called customer service and the friendly rep took down my information and in two days my new box was at my house. I didn't even have to return the busted pills. I was just told to discard them.
    4. "Its a scam because the people that give the reviews are promoters"... Customers turn into promoters for different reasons... But bottom line is that the promoters believe in the product... The company believes in if you can see a real person using it and changing right before your very own eyes... Then it is very hard to question it... That's why they have the refer 3 get your next product FREE....
    5. Summary, get on the challenge for yourself, if you don't like it, stop...if you like the results, then stick with it...and hey tell your friends about it cause I am sure they will notice the weight loss.... And you can get your next order for free!
    Order it through Amazon if you want to, but then you are not getting the additional benefits of having the support system and a chance to join in the Project 10 challenge. So someone had a bad experience with customer service... Then talk to the next person ... Who hasn't has bad service at any given company at some point.
    Try it out for yourself!
  • Matt Ferris - Great WorkoutI love the workouts. Can't say I've made it through the program (mainly injury) but the workouts themselves are pretty fun. Expect lots of muscle pain for the first two weeks at least. I did notice results pretty quickly when eating a clean diet and sticking with the workouts but the clean diet is probably accounts for 85% of the results.
  • S. Padula "Child of God" - An ACT Prep Must Have!As an ACT Tutor, I have found this book most helpful to use with my students. From math strategies to punctuation technicalities, this book covers it all. The Science section is extensive, and very helpful as it is bursting with strategies. The practice tests provided in the book are of moderate difficulty. I recommend this resource to any student who wants to be prepared for all 5 test sections and get inside the heads, per say, of the test writers. As the ACT is very time pressured, learning Princeton Review's strategies would be very beneficial to students. I also recommend this resource to any tutor or parent that is looking to help a student prep for the ACT exam. ACT prep can be rather arduous, but is always rewarding--good luck!

    Stacy Padula, Author of Montgomery Lake High #1: The Right Person
  • Lance Rivers - USE IT. It Helps.It works great and is more than I need but it's there if and when I can use it. It is HARD facing up to your bills but you have to and Quicken HELPS A GREAT DEAL for you to do it and helps you to understand what you need and how you will use it and set up your bill paying so your not surprised at anytime during the month ! Quicken helps you but doesn't make you pay bills and , in time, save something form nothing now !!!