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  • Elizabeth D. Pietrak "GoodBuyMom" - This extract REALLY does work!I started taking this supplement for the other health benefits, mostly stress related. Losing weight was just a plus & I didn't expect to lose much. It has helped with stress as well as a devotional life, spending time in God's Word, positive music, & prayer. I do feel as though my body has built up a tolerance already, I've had a pretty stressful week. I was shocked & amazed though that I have lost a noticeable amount of weight and size. I know things affect others differently...but this extract, after taking 3 capsules (waiting an hour to eat which will differ with different metabolisms) , twice daily for 2 weeks and then about 3 capsules once daily for 3 more weeks has worked its "magic"! I've always been small framed and weight-wise & then I had a baby! I actually dropped my weight immediately after having my baby but then gained more back. For the last two years I've been a size 4, 121 lbs (which I know a lot of people scoff at but as I said, I've always been small, 5 lbs for me is like 20 on someone else) and since I've been supplementing with Garcinia Cambogia Gold, I'm back down to a size 2 and 114 lbs. in 6 weeks!!

    THANK YOU NutriGold!!
  • djbuik "djbuik" - This prodcut gave me my life backI went to several doctors and had numerous tests for aching lymph nodes and severe fatigue over a one and a half year period. I was told I potentially had MS, a brain tumor, or lymphoma based upon the results of my CT scans and blood tests and ended up having a spinal tap and suffering a spinal leak (very painful). I was ultimately told it was most likely a virus affecting my immune system, which may or may not eventually go away. After getting no relief or answers, my wife happened upon this product searching the internet for a solution. After suffering for so long, I was willing to try anything, yet remained very skeptical. This product worked almost immediately and really helped me. My lymph nodes no longer hurt, and I am essentially back to normal. I still need to watch my sugar intake, but Fivelac keeps me on track. I have never given a product a review, but felt compelled to do so based upon all the suffering I experienced which was clearly needless. I'm not saying it is a cure-all, but it really helped my symptoms and helped me return to a normal life.