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  • Jane Sutherland - Give it a tryI bought this thinking I'd like a healthy start to the new year...I've often purchased "meal replacement" powders...they usually taste horrible and after a week I stop using them. But this Raw Meal is actually good. I find that I like the "natural" taste. I was leery about trying the "chocolate or vanilla" because often they taste chemically and "un-natural".

    Well I am so glad I purchased tastes great and i've experienced no adverse digestive issues. I mix mine with 16 oz of water...I was tempted to throw a banana or maybe some blueberries in just to see...but haven't tried it yet...but give it a try if you're on the fence about purchasing...a great product!
  • Susmita - My first tabletA little about me, I'm not a gadget hound, I don't like to jump on the latest and greatest newly released technology. I have a DroidX which was my first smartphone just a year and a half ago. I didn't get an iPhone because I didn't want to use AT&T, and when Verizon picked it up, I decided I wasn't going to change phones and stick with Android. It's funny, but some friends were sooo excited to get "new" things on their iPhones recently and it was stuff I've had on my DroidX since I got it. I don't get the hype. I know PCs like the back of my hand, and we have a MAC at home which drives me nuts sometimes because I can't clean it up or really find where files are stored (and what's up with not being able to copy cd's?).

    So I finally really really wanted a tablet, but which one to get? Here's what I was looking for:
    1) Wanted the 10.1 size, not the "mini" 7"-8" tablets that are out there. I have a smartphone, so I don't need a slightly larger one.
    2) WiFi only, did not want another phone/data plan.
    3) Front facing camera so the grandparents could Skype with the granddaughter and not be tied to the desktop computer. So this ruled out the Kindle Fire.
    4) Removable/upgradable storage. I like having an SD card on my phone to transfer photos and stuff, and wanted to have the same option on my tablet. Also allows to upgrade from 32GB to 64GB without spending the extra $$ for it internally. Sorry iPad, I guess this rules you out. The thought of having to sync through iTunes made me cringe, I like to be able to just select what files I want and copy to a thumbdrive or SD card and move it over.

    I was originally looking at the Xoom2, but when it finally released it was 3G only and pretty expensive. In reading reviews for that one I found out about the Transformer Prime. I knew of Asus only because I had bought my husband a netbook a couple a years ago by them because of great reviews.

    So I read the early reviews for the Transformer Prime and waited patiently to order (this was early December). Finally ordered on the 19th and waited patiently again. I received my Prime on Jan 21st, which was ok with me since all the updates were rolled out (like Ice Cream Sandwich) while I was waiting.

    I love my new tablet, it's bright and sharp and quick. It did it's upgrades right away and Ice cream sandwich is great. I never used Honeycomb but I like ICS better than Gingerbread. I don't have any WiFi issues, always have 3-4 bars in my house. I haven't even turned on the GPS yet because I have my phone for that when I'm out. For those Apple versus Android people who love to do comparisons, the iPad2 doesn't even come equipped with GPS on the WiFi only model.

    What makes this tablet great compared to others is that you can buy the dock and turn it into a "laptop/netbook" and also get an extra battery. This was really cool to me since I get tired of pecking/Swype. The USB port is also a bonus for transferring stuff off my thumbdrive.

    I'm not concerned about the 700T tablet with it's HD display, 2Mp camera . Don't think I need that for an extra $100. The battery life will probably take a hit, and there will always be something better a few months later. I'm sure after HD tablets they will start making 3D display tablets.

    So there's my 2cents for what it's worth, now I can start wondering what phone to get with my "new every 2" on Verizon.
  • L.E.J. - MY Favorite!I can always rely on Leonard Maltin's movie guide because my own ratings of movies(based on Maltin's 4 star scale) are usually the exact same ratings that they get in Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide. Sometimes I try to guess in advance and I'm spot on. That's why this movie guide is the best for me. Many people hate this book because their favorite movie gets a bad rating so maybe this book is not for them.
    If I would watch movies based on the ratings of the website IMDB I would have to consider the Batman movie The Dark Knight as the best movie in movie history because it has the highest rating of all movies ever. I personally thought the movie was completely boringso I wasn't surprised at all that Maltin only gave it a 2 star rating. The review of Inglorious Basterds was exactly what I thought about the movie.
    My point is that for me it's the best book because I can rely on the reviews. If Maltin gives a movie a 4 star rating I know I will enjoy it. If he gives it a BOMB rating I know to stay clear.
    That's the reason I've been buying this book for the last several decades.

    I guess people have to find out on their own if this movie guide works for them because the taste in movies is such a subjective thing.
  • Debbie - It cuts the banana!How did I live my life for 57 years without a banana slicer? I don't know if it is the best because it is the only one I have tried but I do know it is the best I have tried :) It cuts the banana in one gentle push instead of having to judge how many slices to make and winding up with uneven slices of banana!!! What could be a worse way to start your day!!!! Or even worse end your day!!!!!
  • Mila Romanova "Mila" - Loved this bookLoved this book! I spoke about the book to all of my female colleagues and my husband, gave examples from it on many occasions, and used advice, e.g. Do not leave until you leave . Reach to more than one mentor. Keep your hand up. I noticed even before that women are really not as cooperative towards each other, and Sandberg helped me to understand why.