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  • Regolith - A must-have if you own the dumbbellsI purchased this stand to use with my SelectTech 1090 dumbbells, and it is a perfect complement to the dumbbells.

    Assembly of the stand is simple and straightforward [despite other reviews], and can be done relatively quickly (there are only 9 separate components to it). The only tool you'll need to assemble the stand (that isn't included with it) is a 9/16-inch wrench or socket.

    The stand comes with a set of rubber feet to hold it firmly in place, but it also comes with a set of castors that you can use instead, if you feel you'll need to roll it from one spot to another.

    Once it's assembled, it is solid and firm, even with two 90-pound dumbbells sitting in their racks on it. It holds the dumbbells at a comfortable height, and is much better than bending all the way down to the floor.

    It does come with a 30-year warranty, but since there are really no moving parts or anything to wear out, I expect that it will probably last longer than that.
  • NCnurseofGod - Instructor recommendedThis book was highly recommended by my instructor and she said it was a mandatory for her class when she was in nursing school. We have the Davis drug guide, but this IV handbook is specifically for IV meds and is more detailed than the Davis drug guide when it comes to IV meds and compatibility. On a funny note, my instructor started calling me "IV med queen", because I was always prepared for every IV med administration! I knew exactly how long to push a direct IV med, what was compatible or not, the pH, what side/adverse effects to look out for, antidotes, interactions & etc. Enough said...this book is a must have to be an astute nurse in IV med. administration.
  • Jean Sue Libkind "bookschlepper" - Non-fiction that reads as smoothly as a novelHurricane Katrina brought out the best and the worst of people. Eggers has crafted a song of praise for the courage of a few, a dirge for the lost, and a stinging indictment of what went wrong in New Orleans. By telling the story through the experiences of one family, Eggers is able to get beyond the statistics and the urban myths to the essence of what it was like to be in a maelstrom. He critically assesses the stunning reports we all swallowed. He captures the attitude of the National Guard. Along the way, he introduces us to a hard-working couple, their children, their community, and their faith. Every American should read this book and swear we will do better.
  • Trina H - Tria Laser Hair Removal SystemTria® Laser Hair Removal System Hello ladies I just want to say that this device is a must have. It could get very expensive to go to a spy all the time to get this done. If you have it at home you can do it yourself. This is a great gift for Black Friday or for Christmas.To yourself or a loved one, please take a look and consider buying. I don't have one yet but I will soon. I hear that is spectacular.
  • Ixchel Lechuga - Comfy and sturdyI bought this high chair for a vacation and it's so fantastic that we now use it daily even after our trip. My baby seems much, much more comfortable in it than his normal highchair and sits in it longer. It takes up waaaay les space than a regular high chair and is very stable and cushy. It fit in out suitcase very nicely and is super compact when attached to a table.

    I would not recommend this highchair for taking our to restaurants, although we have done so. You have to screw the clamp off and on every time you move it and that is definitely not something you want to do everything time you go out. Also, I have an antique dining table with a 6" skirt and the clamps do not fit over it. Since I bought this for travel and since my table is not typical this doesn't bug me. I've got the highchair attached to my desk so that baby can play with toys while I get work done!

    Overall I love, love love this highchair and I recommend it to anyone looking for something comfortable and well made. This chair was a bit pricier than others, but there are no plastic parts and it is truly a quality piece that you almost can't find on the market anymore. It will outlast my kids for sure!