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  • M. R. A Bohm - This book brings me so much joy.I love Brandon's work, and have been following him on Facebook since 2010. The book conjures up the same happy feelings that I get whenever he posts a new photo online. My kids (2 & 7) found the book equally enthralling. We are rationing it, and only exploring 10 pages a night. It's amazing to talk with them about Brandon's encounters, and what each of our perceptions were about the people inside before reading their caption. The photos with captions are definitely more interesting, but I "get" that this book is part of Brandon's journey - and talking to his subjects didn't happen until later down the road. I'm an avid believer in HONY's work, and love it so much.
  • Joanne - No Doctor?This is a good book to have in your home library and to use
    in learning how to take care of your family when there is no doctor around.
  • Nikolina Ellingsen - I Love It!!!I have read a lot of other reviews where people said the coating lasted only a couple times. But I have had mine for a couple of months and use it daily. I just let it cool down completely, put in a drop of Dawn dish soap and rinse it out with my washclothe. It just takes a couple of seconds. However, even though I know that it says you do not need oil of any type, I only did that once. And, because I missed the taste of the coconut oil I usually use, I went ahead and added that back. I know that that might be one of the reasons why I have not had any problems with it, but since no other pan I have ever used with oil of any type cleaned up that easily, it rates the 5 stars to me. There is one confusing thing though, mine came with the instructions to season it by putting a small amount of oil on the surface and placing it in a 300 degree oven, letting it cool down completely, then wiping the excess off with a paper towel. And that is what I did. When purchasing my second pan, it said to put in oil and heat it on medium heat until it smoked--but I followed the first set of instructions I had gotten and put it in the oven at 300 degrees again because I figured that I had had so much luck with the first pan, why change anything.
  • C. Berryhill - This Is The Only Highchair We Have...and it's the only one we need.

    Secures easily to every table we've encountered.
    Has a comfortable belting mechanism for babers.
    Easy to wipe down and wash.
    Folds for easy transport.
    Doesn't take up as much space as a traditional highchair.

    Doesn't have a tray.